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Custom Statistic Report: Pitcher Season

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Data Updated Through August 23, 2019 ( DRA and DRA-based stats updated through August 23, 2019 )
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1.A.j. Achter2015MLB0000.0000000000
2.A.j. Burnett2015MLB26000.0000000000
3.A.j. Cole2015MLB1000.0000000000
4.A.j. Ramos2015MLB0000.0000000000
5.A.j. Schugel2015MLB0000.0000000000
6.Aaron Barrett2015MLB0000.0000000000
7.Aaron Brooks2015MLB9000.0000000000
8.Aaron Harang2015MLB29000.0000000000
9.Aaron Laffey2015MLB0000.0000000000
10.Aaron Loup2015MLB0000.0000000000
11.Aaron Nola2015MLB13000.0000000000
12.Aaron Sanchez2015MLB11000.0000000000
13.Aaron Thompson2015MLB0000.0000000000
14.Abel De Los Santos2015MLB0000.0000000000
15.Adam Conley2015MLB11000.0000000000
16.Adam Laroche2015MLB0000.0000000000
17.Adam Liberatore2015MLB0000.0000000000
18.Adam Loewen2015MLB0000.0000000000
19.Adam Morgan2015MLB15000.0000000000
20.Adam Ottavino2015MLB0000.0000000000
21.Adam Rosales2015MLB0000.0000000000
22.Adam Wainwright2015MLB4000.0000000000
23.Adam Warren2015MLB17000.0000000000
24.Adam Wilk2015MLB0000.0000000000
25.Addison Reed2015MLB0000.0000000000
26.Adrian Houser2015MLB0000.0000000000
27.Akeel Morris2015MLB0000.0000000000
28.Al Alburquerque2015MLB0000.0000000000
29.Alec Asher2015MLB7000.0000000000
30.Alex Claudio2015MLB0000.0000000000
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