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Matt Mikulski

Born: 05/08/1999 (Age: 23)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 0' 0" Weight:
Deceptive left-handed delivery with very short arm action that keeps the ball out of hitter's eyesight until release, almost as if it's coming from behind his ear. The mechanics are difficult to repeat, though, and he seemed to lose his release point multiple times on Wednesday.
Evaluator Marc Delucchi
Report Date 06/16/2022
Affiliate San Jose Giants (Low A, Giants)
Dates Seen 6/15/2022
OFP 40
MLB ETA 2025
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
Fastball 50 89 92 Fastball was bad on Wednesday (probably a 35-grade pitch), sitting 88-90 t 92. Despite the deception of his delivery, opposing hitters were squaring up the pitch early in the outing. After his fastball was tee'd off for 2 homers in the second inning, he became hesitant to throw it. He was barely throwing any fastballs by the end of the outing. He generated a couple of whiffs on the pitch on chases, but players had it well timed from the jump. His fastball will play above its velocity, but he may need a move to the pen to get back to the 93-95 mph range
Changeup 55 82 84 Mikulski's changeup was clearly his best offering on Wednesday. Good arm action with decent fade, consistently had hitters off balance. Still, unlikely to be a reliable carrying pitch. As he relied less and less on the fastball, opposing hitters did begin sitting on the changeup, squaring it up a couple of times, but hitters struggled to do as much damage against it as they did against the fastball/breaking ball.
Breaking ball 45 78 80 Mikulski has used a slider and curveball in the past, but I only saw one breaking ball on Wednesday. It moved more like a slider, but at the pace of a curveball. Overall unexceptional movement that was generally located in the dirt or up in the zone. Eventually, with Mikulski shying away from his fastball, Adael Amador sat on the pitch and tee'd off against a hanger in the fifth inning for a home run.

I'm hoping to see Mikulski on a better day down the line, but this was probably him at his lowest, frankly looked like a career-minor leaguer. He's already 23, at Low-A, has an ERA north of 5.00, and flashes zero plus pitches. The only path to sticking in the rotation for him likely comes with his velocity returning to the mid-90s, and there's no reason to believe that's happening. With that in mind, he's probably heading to the bullpen where he hopefully gains enough velocity to utilize his deception as a 6th or 7th inning setup arm.

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