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Luis PatiƱo

Born: 10/26/1999 (Age: 19)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 192
Strong, durable frame, some slope to the shoulders, width to add a touch more strength through maturity; good hips and lower half, powerful drive; Gore-style mechanics, slightly less fluid, some stop-and-start to it, more deliberate at the top & through the turn can lead to slips in timing and sync; plus-plus athlete, efficient movements; higher three-quarter slot, elite arm speed; crossfire adds deception, occasional jangle at foot strike; low-effort delivery, steady head with quick and controlled deceleration
Evaluator Wilson Karaman
Report Date 07/10/2019
Affiliate Lake Elsinore Storm (High A, Padres)
Dates Seen 6/28/19
OFP 70
MLB ETA 2021
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 70 93-96 97 Explosive pitch, ball has carry to beat barrels in and above zone, swing-and-miss offering when he elevates; natural ride, will throw a cut on it; confidence in pitch, strong glove-side command when he's synced downhill, angle from high slot/crossfire can leave it vulnerable against lefties; top-end velo likely maxed
CB 55 78-81 83 11-5 shape, hard vertical action with finish below the zone; will cast it, gets steeper trying to come up and over to create angle, issue should improve with reps, average movement plays up off FB line, above-average utility with anticipated gains in consistency
SL 60 84-87 90 Plus horizontal action, mild vertical, late movement, darting action misses bats; feel to keep spin tight, can occasionally get sweepy but command to pull it out of danger zones; confidence to throw ball-to-strike early in counts, will front- and back-door it
CH 60 85-88 89 Plus lateral movement, quality tumble, will disappear off FB line when he turns it over; feel to land it in the zone, solid present and projectable future command, pitch works to generate swing-miss below the zone when ahead; confidence isn't quite there yet, will baby it when he's trying to land it; projection pitch with impact potential

Patino's an extremely advanced pitcher for his age, pitching with the confidence and maturity of a much older arm. He engages with his catcher and coaches and works through advanced sequencing with a consistency born of excellent strength and athleticism in the delivery. The athleticism offsets some command concern related to his crossfire delivery. A nascent cut look with the fastball can combine with continued advancement with his changeup to counter current issues with left-handed hitters. He's a teenaged arm in A-ball, and the risk is inherently high, though it is lower than most with that pedigree. The ceiling is that of a No. 2 starter.

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