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Patrick Murphy

Born: 06/10/1995 (Age: 23)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 235
Partial windup. Consistent to balance point then the delivery gets erratic; highly variable arm action from break to release, leading to lots of inconsistencies throughout profile/ Toe tap as he starts drive toward home plate that can disrupt sync between lower half and arm. Has stretches where everything aligns and he repeats, but these stretches are limited. Athleticism allows him to overcomes mechanical issues in many cases.
Evaluator Mark Anderson
Report Date 05/15/2019
Affiliate New Hampshire Fisher Cats (AA, Blue Jays)
Dates Seen 5/15/2019
OFP 50
MLB ETA 2019
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
Fastball 60 94-95 98 Established early and used consistently throughout start. Built velocity from first to third innings, starting out 91-94 and then working 94-96 deep into the game, and still touched 97-98 in the 7th inning. Throws strikes with consistency but struggles to command pitch due to mechanical challenges. Plays up with extension at the end of delivery, as ball appears to jump at hitters; riding life up in the zone and shows some sinking action when he finds the knees. Difficult to square and is the backbone of his success. Command concern holds back ultimate grade; some potential to play up with additional velocity in shorter bursts.
Curveball 60 80-82   Very good pitch; consistent 11-5 break with tight rotation and biting action. Varied depth of pitch at times. Worked pitch almost exclusively in the strike zone and rarely threw out of the zone to induce chase swings; pitch has chase potential as he commands it better and gets more creative with his use of the offering. Demonstrated limited ability to move pitch east-west, but flashed on occasion, particularly against LHH; utilized in any count with success and showed willingness to throw it multiple times in a row as he identified weaknesses in hitters. Swing-and-miss pitch that will find success against MLB hitters.
Changeup 30 87-89   Very firm and often overthrown; lacks velocity separation or movement. Takes the look of BP fastball more often than not; frequently left up in the zone and was smoked on a couple of occasions in this look. Shows no feel for offering with little projection; unlikely to remain part of the arsenal at the highest level.

Strong, physical frame and good athleticism. Lengthy injury history (thoracic outlet syndrome and Tommy John) but working on his fourth consecutive healthy season. Confident demeanor; attacks hitters with his two best pitches and relies heavily on those offerings. CH lacks projection to maintain starting profile; FB/CB combo plays and would survive in low-leverage MLB innings right now. Projects to moderate leverage with occasional peaks slightly better.

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