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Nolan Martinez

Born: 06/30/1998 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 165
first base side of the rubber, FWU, controlled, balanced, separates glove ahead of rubber, late at footstrike, present hip-shoulder separation which could lend a hand in increasing velocity, average arm speed, three-quarters release point, solid finish, good direction, repeats; low effort; composed, calm and focused demeanor.

Projectable XL Frame, thin shoulders to which he hangs up his jersey on, more muscle should do him well; about 6-foot-1, 170-pound.
Evaluator Javier A Barragan
Report Date 07/05/2018
Affiliate Staten Island Yankees (Short Season, Yankees)
Dates Seen 7/3/18
OFP 50
MLB ETA 2021
Video Yes
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 50 90 91 Riser, pitches up in the zone, occasional bat-misser there, fly ball pitch; occasional slight tail.

SL 50 81 82 11-5 shape, solid depth and bite, generates a few swing-and-misses and chases, thrown to both LHH and RHH for put-away; trusted secondary early and throughout.

CH 40 84 86 Solid fade; fair bite; a tad more consistency in shape, pitch-to-pitch, will accentuate his other pitches disproportionately across the board; can get too firm losing distinction from fringy fastball; a put-away pitch to LHH and timing-disrupter (a.k.a. ground ball inducer) for RHH; chance for 50.

CB 40 78 79 11-6, large depth, maintains identical motion despite hump out of hand, mainly used to steal strikes and provide a different look, solid feel for.

CONTROL 60     threw strikes, hit the zone, repeated delivery, was able to place his pitches, both the hard and slow stuff, in and out of the zone.

Composed and quiet throughout, Martinez, newly 20, will not excite you at first; however, as the game progresses, his aptitude for pitching and placing will reveal itself, showing a major-league quality sixth starter. He understands what he needs to do to navigate a line-up - fastballs up, change-up in fastball counts, round curveballs for first-pitch strikes, alternate sliders and change-ups to put away righties and lefties - never relying too much on one single-faceted strategy.

Though one can gloss over it now, improved shape consistency, pitch-to-pitch, in the slider, curveball, and changeup - and especially the changeup - will command more respect from hitters, underscoring four viable pitches, and a small bump in his future role.

While his arm-related injuries have plagued him since draft day, Martinez is, at best, a fifth-starter, and will likely become a spot-starter/long-reliever on a Championship-caliber Major-League team.

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