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Beau Burrows

Born: 09/18/1996 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 210
Simple, repeatable delivery; no red flags throughout; shows ability to adjust on the fly and keep mechanics in rhythm; will occasionally pull across body too much and lose balance at release; short arm circle compliments very good arm speed well to keep his upper and lower bodies in sync.
Evaluator Mark Anderson
Report Date 06/08/2017
Affiliate Erie SeaWolves (AA, Tigers)
Dates Seen 06/07/2017
OFP 55
MLB ETA Mid-2018
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 65 92-95 98 Came out firing 95-96, t98 over the first two innings; velo backed up to 92-94 over final three innings; lacked higher-end velocity when he wanted it during last two innings; needs to improve strength to maintain upper-velocity register throughout start; showed good arm-side run when down in zone, making it difficult to barrel; elevated when he wanted to for strikeouts and still showed movement in that part of the strike zone; pitch has some deception and appears to get on hitters quickly; minor velocity projection remaining.
CB 55 72-74 75 Lacked feel in early innings, began to find it as the outing progressed; consistently missed up throughout the start and couldn't generate the tight spin I have seen in previous outings; snapped 2-3 off in the last two innings that were legitimate bat-missers; showed hard 12-6 movement w/ late action; potential above-average pitch; more potential to induce weak contact than generate consistent strikeouts.
SL 45 82-85 87 Similar to CB, lacked feel in early innings; showed tendency to over-throw offering consistently; typically 11-5 break but often blended to 12-6 and looked like a harder version of his CB; lacked preferred bite of hard SL; show-me pitch w/limited projection based on this viewing.
CH 50 84-85 86 Second-best present pitch in this outing; good velocity separation; holds FB disguise well with excellent arm speed and same arm slot/release point; trusts grip; occasional fade but no consistent movement he could rely on; kept hitters off balance and off FB throughout start; showed promising feel and has a chance to exceed this grade projection with work.

Slightly undersized but has good strength/build to handle workload; got off mound well and fielded position adequately; 1.21-1.34 to home plate; broad arsenal but no dominating pitch; may struggle to miss bats at times; elevated FB for strikeouts consistently and relied on weak contact thanks to movement down in the zone; FB-heavy outing but showed aptitude to mix CB and SL at times; threw strikes throughout start but lacked ability to locate outside of consistently elevating FB when he wanted to; needs to refine at least one secondary pitch to help augment lively fastball; command must develop to above-average to reach projection.

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