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Mitch Keller

Born: 04/04/1996 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 195
Body: Good starter's frame; tall, broad, athletic features; durable lower half with slight projection to strength across shoulders.

Delivery: Starter look; good pace to SWU; free/easy, tall-and-fall style delivery w/ good extension over lower-half. Low-maintenance finish; sticks landings and stays on targets.

Arm Action: Full circle in the back; deep takeaway out of the glove; arm is long behind body before acceleration. Loose, fluid armstroke w/ minimal effort through HTQ slot.
Evaluator Adam McInturff
Report Date 05/19/2016
Affiliate West Virginia Power (Low A, Pirates)
Dates Seen May 2016
OFP 50
Realistic 50 -- Regular Backend Starter
MLB ETA 2019
Video No
Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
Fastball 55 55 92 94 Easy 92-93, scrapes 94; naturally heavy ball w/ good armside tail. Clean delivery allows advanced control/command for age; fills zone easily w/ FB. Leans heavily on FB presently and likely will need to incorporate more secondary pitches at higher levels.
Curveball 50 55 77 79 Good natural feel for spin; loose-wristed CB; consistent shape and down action. Deep 11-5 tilt w/ ingredients of solid-avg pitch w/ some potential to miss bats. Still figuring out to harness the pitch in the zone and not just to chase down/out.
Changeup 40 50 87 88 Limited usage of CH/ third pitch; throws too firmly in upper-80s, but shows enough action to dream it gets to average. Flashes late, darting, lateral movement to armside w/ some present ability to sell the pitch out front. Will need refinement and utilize more at higher levels.
Control 50 55     Mowing through undisciplined low-minors hitters due to advanced control/command of sinking fastball. Polished strikethrower w/ FB; starter's control; still developing feel to land secondaries for strikes; has the delivery to progress overall strikes with CB and CH.

Breakout low-minors RHP in 2016; ceiling of reliable rotation piece; frame to eat innings w/ flashes of three pitches and very advanced control of sinking FB. Likely more appealing because of his floor than his ceiling; has lots of projectable big league starter ingredients and can realistically reach his ceiling. High risk due to age and proximity to big leagues, and still-required incorporation of secondary pitches. Pittsburgh is conservative w/ pitching prospects, so expecting 2018-2019 debut.

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