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Harrison Musgrave

Born: 03/03/1992 (Age: 24)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 206
Arm Action: free and easy with some shortness to arm extension; above avg to plus arm speed

Delivery: Low 3/4 release with slight body tilt; opens front foot early, opening hips as well; long stride; some crossfire to release; mild effort delivery

Body: avg frame; mature build; sturdy lower half with barrel chested torso; broad shoulders with slight slant
Evaluator Adam Hayes
Report Date 05/19/2016
Affiliate Hartford Yard Goats (, Rockies)
Dates Seen 5/04
OFP 45
MLB ETA 2017
Video Yes
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 45 89 92 mostly 88-90; held velo into later innings; works down in zone; tendency to work armside; command/control avg to above avg; tick down from the stretch; slight downhill plane; armside run with sink to both sides of plate
CH 60 83 85 armside fade with plus depth and drop; confidence to throw early and often; capable of being swing-miss offering, but tends to generate more weak contact
CB 45 74 76 1-7, slurvy break; more sweep than depth; clear 3rd pitch; locates for strikes

SL: 40/45; 82-84
tighter break with cutter action; will run inside on righties; serviceable 4th offering
CONTROL 70     limits walks; locates four pitches for quality strikes; misses tend to be low to gloveside

COMMAND: 55/60
FB to both sides of plate with tendency for armside; advanced feel for CH, keeps down in zone; keeps CB down; limited use of SL to gloveside

Command/control lefty with plus CH. FB is a tick below AVG, working 88-90. Will run with sink to both sides of plate. CH is plus offering with fade and depth, generating swing-misses and weak contact. CB and SL are clear third and fourth offerings. Strikethrower with advanced pitchability. Capable backend rotation piece with ability to eat innings. Likely 5 starter, with potential of being a 4 in a weaker rotation.

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