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Cale Coshow

Born: 07/16/1992 (Age: 23)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 270
Uses height well; easy delivery, little effort; average arm speed, some stiffness to arm action; shoulder does most of the work; generated good downward plane; has a high effective velocity because of plus extension towards the plate.
Evaluator Jeff Moore
Report Date 08/04/2015
Affiliate Tampa Yankees (High A, Yankees)
Dates Seen 7/28/15
OFP 50
MLB ETA 2017
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 70 93-96 97 Plus velocity with average present command; throws exclusively two-seamers with hard, boring arm-side run; strong downward plane; combination of movement and velocity makes it difficult to square up.
Cutter 50 88-91   Average command of pitch, threw for strikes but some inconsistency with in-zone command; average movement, early in trajectory towards plate; just enough movement to miss barrels but not enough to miss bats.
SLD 40 80-81   Minimal break, movement occurs far too early in pitch; too similar to cutter, but slower and more hittable; easy to identify, below-average pitch.
CHG 40 83-84   Consistently too firm with pitch; below-average command, inconsistent from pitch to pitch, some arm-side fade but average movement at best.

The plus skills are obvious for Coshow, who is an impressing figure both in height (6-foot-5) and overall size at well over 250 lbs. He's huge, and his size helps him generate easy velocity and thus command his fastball well. With hard two-seam movement, premium velocity and average present command, it's a legitimate plus pitch with the potential to be even better.

Unfortunately, that's about all he has. A cutter is Coshow's second potential average offering, and the inverse movement works well to off-set the arm-side action on the two-seam fastball. But he doesn't throw anything soft for hitters to have to worry about, and better hitters will exploit him by cheating on the fastball to catch up with the velocity.

Given the potential of his two-seamer/cutter combination, he needs only an average off-speed offering of some kind to keep hitters honest. There's not a lot of hope for him ever developing a truly effective one, but if he can get one of his off-speed pitches to an average level, he could really succeed in a bullpen role. He's working as a starter for the first time as a professional, but he's likely destined to end up back in the bullpen.

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