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Arturo Reyes

Born: 04/06/1992 (Age: 23)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 185
Build: Strong, compact, athletic build. Strong lower half. Long arms for under 6'. Has good mobility/flexibility. All around athlete movements.

Mechanics: Fluid, repetitive, compact mechanics. Starts with hands right above belt never going above shoulders. Leg kick to top (knee above belt). Hand separation and leg drive to home consistent with every pitch. Drives off backside well maintaining contact with rubber. Linear drive to target. Glove thumb turned down with palm to target, elbow and shoulder in line. Lands softly with slight shoulder tilt back maintaining backside strength. Strong hip rotation bringing torso around. Arm stays hidden behind body until release. Short, quick, high 3/4 arm slot with consistent release point and extension. Follows through maintaining head on target in very controlled manner. Overall, very sound mechanically as well as deceptive.
Evaluator Colin Young
Report Date 06/20/2015
Affiliate Springfield Cardinals (AA, Cardinals)
Dates Seen 5/28/15
OFP 55
MLB ETA 2016
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
Fastball 60 89-92 94 Reyes' command of Fastball is his greatest asset. He works off the fastball being able to command around the strike zone. While not flashy with the MPH's, his deceptiveness has the quality of making it look faster than it is. Hitters seemingly late picking up fastball. With the command, deceptiveness, and possibility of getting stronger, I see a possible 60 with the Fastball.
Slider 50 83-84 84 Nice tight slider with command on and off the plate. Has the ability to sweep it or get sharp bite as needed. While not your fall of the table slider, definitely one that gets the job done. Throws it to the back foot of lefties well and can create depth and angle to righties.
Changeup 50 82-84 84 Maintains same fastball arm speed with changeup. An 8-10 MPH difference off fastball creating the effect. Not too much movement, minimal drop and bite at the end, but effective with his deceptive mechanics and arm action. Able to throw early or late in counts and seems to be a confident pitch for him.

The Cardinals have found a diamond in the rough with this 40th round pick. Reyes looks as polished as ten year vet while on the mound. He maintains great composure with runners on and can make the pitches to get out of jams. His tempo and rhythm mechanically are fantastic and as of right now I don't see anything that gives me any worry about future mechanic/physical breakdowns. He has the mental capacity and to carry his tools to the next level. He has a game plan and executes it very nicely working off the fastball and adjusting to the hitters well. The only worrisome aspect is his size at this point, but he overcomes that with deceptiveness and overall a great mental approach to the game. Reyes has a track record of consistency and with logging more innings I only see that remaining the same.

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