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Austen Williams

Born: 12/19/1992 (Age: 22)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 220
Build: Broad shoulders; durable and athletic frame; maxed.

Mechanics: 3/4 arm slot; above-average arm speed; compact delivery; slight stab; crossfire; landing has jerk at knee; can cause unbalance; mild head whack; moderate exertion; delivery times ~1.45
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 05/26/2015
Affiliate Hagerstown Suns (Low A, Nationals)
Dates Seen 5/15/15
OFP 40
MLB ETA 2018
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 55 89-92 93 Velocity: 55
Movement: 50
Command: 40/45

T93 2x; slight cut; worked inside often; elevated pitch too much; command was inconsistent and mechanics are a detriment; headwhack and the knee jerk into a crossfire will hinder overall command from reaching average.
CB 50 78-80 81 Movement: 50
Command: 45

Moderate depth; 11-5 offering; replicates arm speed; release points were inconsistent; slight refinement could help improve pitch a tick.
CH 40 81-82 85 Movement: 50
Command: 40/45

Mild fade; replicates arm speed; release points and command were inconsistent; elevated offering on multiple occasions; improvements in both will increase offering a grade.

Williams has decent stuff, but the mechanics give me pause towards his chance to stick as a starter. The head whack and jerkiness in his landing make me believe Williams' best fit is in a bullpen, where the FB/CB combo will play up slightly. The risk is moderate, due to the mechanical issues and his lack of experience against stronger competition.

Round Drafted: 6th round, 2014
Why: Advanced college arm with potential for two average to above-average offerings and the chance for the CH to improve enough for an opportunity to stick as a starter.

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