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Victor Payano

Born: 10/17/1992 (Age: 22)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 185
Build: Big, broad, strong frame; athletic looking; strong legs; workhorse type pitchers body

Mechanics: very deliberate yet fluid and smooth mechanics throughout; high 3/4 arm slot; Very good timing and rhythm with leg and hands separation; loses rhythm and timing with slide step and holding runners; directionally straight drive to plate (hips, shoulder, elbow, landing foot all aligned); Finishes tall on curveball and offspeed (lacks follow through); backfoot releases early from rubber; slows body and arm down with CB and CH; Gets good downward plane on fastball when release point is consistent; below average command of all pitches; lacks any type of lefty pick off move to first; starter projectability if command develops
Evaluator Colin Young
Report Date 04/20/2015
Affiliate Frisco RoughRiders (AA, Rangers)
Dates Seen 4/13/15
OFP 50
MLB ETA 2018
Video Yes
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 60 91-93 94 Below average command; 5 BB in 4 innings; leaves arm side high due to backside releasing too early; good late life and downward plane when mechanics are in sync; batters were consistently late on FB
CB 50 71-73 75 Spike Curveball; inconsistent command; sharp 12-6 break when follows through; left up in zone and flat mostly; doesn't finish pitch; slows arm and body down; telegraphs pitch; lacks feel for pitch
CH 45 79-82 82 Below average command; lacks armspeed with pitch; flat through hitting zone; very tentative when throwing like he's unsure or uncomfortable with pitch

Payano creates quite the conundrum when observing him. He physically looks big league ready now and has all the attributes you want in a power starter. His pre game warmups looked polished, smooth, and consistent. However, the bullpen did not transfer to game speed. He looked inconsistent, unsure, and with runners on, very awkward. He failed to look at baserunners multiple times and was very predictable with his timing in the stretch. He looked uncomfortable with the slide step, leaving everything up in zone. He managed to get out of the game with with 0 runs in 4 innings and only 1 hit, but walked 5. Still only 22, I'd like to see him develop more of a feel for the game and a plan of attack with his fastball. The lack of command of the FB was bothersome, however it would only be minute mechanical adjustments to do so. With experience he should mature and grasp the game better. I'd still keep him around to develop 2-3 more seasons because there is a much higher ceiling achievable for him than where he is at now.

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