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Dylan Bundy

Born: 11/15/1992 (Age: 22)
Bats: Switch Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 225
Build: great physical shape; very athletic; strong build throughout core; power bottom; strong forearms/arms/chest; broad shoulders; limited room for growth; has body to withstand longevity of a complete season; physically maxed out.

Mechanics: high 3/4 arm slot; mild effort; arm stab in back to deep arm circle; deep arm action; hips and shoulders rotate in unison; strong throughout core; stays over front knee at release; consistent landing point; hides ball well; strong lower half/leg drive; 1B side of rubber start; small drop and drive type; spine tilt at foot strike; repeats delivery well/clean overall delivery; solid average command -- will get to plus with reps and building arm strength for this year.
Evaluator CJ Wittmann
Report Date 04/20/2015
Affiliate Bowie Baysox (AA, Orioles)
Dates Seen 4/18/2015
OFP 70
MLB ETA 2015
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 70 91-94 95 T95 4x; plus command; easy velocity -- hit 95 with relative ease; creates extreme downhill/downward angle; small movement to arm side at lower velocity band; uses all 4 quadrants effectively; sitting velocity comfortable at 93-94; more juice left in arm -- should see sitting velocity jump (95-96) once fully stretched out (raised stamina)/arm strength build up causing full grade jump in pitch.
CB 60 77-80 81 T81 3x; solid average command; flashed plus in higher velocity band; consistent arm speed from Fastball; showed ability to throw for strike in any count and chase pitch; 11-5 shape; deep depth; hard bite, snap; showed great shape; will add/subtract to vary depth/break; sitting velocity spike will show harder bite/snapping breaking pitch causing pitch to play plus; could use command improvement to upper quadrant and improvement in -- consistently throwing pitch as chase offering.
CH 60 84-85 86 T86 3x; plus command; true swing-and-miss offering to both LHH/RHH; consistent arm speed and arm slot; plays off Fastball extremely well; arm side fade with vertical downward action; effectively threw pitch to all 4 quadrants; used lower half of strike zone extremely well; present plus offering and will maintain with Fastball velocity spike/overall command improvement.

Note: '14 version was firm/lacked comfortable separation from Fastball -- '15 completely different pitch; very similar to '12 version.
CT 50 80-82 83 T83 3x; solid average command; Cutter -- soft velocity and shows slider-like break; short, tight break; tight spin with late, horizontal break; flashed tilt; showed ability to throw for strike and chase pitch in any count; present fringe average pitch with potential to play average with command improvement to the glove side and velocity spike; should see velocity spike as arm strength builds.

Dylan Bundy looked much more comfortable now than he did when I saw him in 2014. He is close to two years post-surgery and is close to returning to premium form from 2012. Bundy showed an easy delivery and generated easy velocity. While he did not have the arm strength and stamina needed to continue deep into the game, I think it is something Bundy will build as the year continues. This will allow him to regain true 2012 form and we should see the sitting velocity, of all his pitches, jump.

Bundy showed a present advanced arsenal and it was hard to believe this was the same guy I saw struggle last season. Along with his Fastball, Change-up, Curveball, his once devastating Cutter is now more of a slider-like pitch. With overall improvement in command and strength building, Bundy shows the future arsenal is a top-of-the-rotation quality arm once again. These are things that will come back to Bundy as he pitches this year and we should see him in Baltimore's rotation in the near future.

Drafted: 2011 1st round, 4th overall
Why: present advanced command, arsenal, athleticism; future projection of TOR arm; quick developmental curve.

Ceiling: Role 70; #2 SP.

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