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Sean Manaea

Born: 02/01/1992 (Age: 22)
Bats: Right Throws: Left
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 245
pitcher’s body; standard ¾ arm slot; thick lower half but comfortable; good athlete; stands tall throughout delivery; calmed, more in sync delivery; starts on 3rd base side, off center; simplae start with less movement than early in season; hands go over head as timing mechanism; slight crossfire action, foot lands on 1B side of home; more balance and consistent landing spot than early in season; hips rotate with shoulders as arm comes through clean and consistent; has good momentum to the plate; still has big deception in delivery as hides ball a long time and gets on hitters fast; varies times to home to hold runners, will mix in high leg kick with slide step; 1.3-1.7 range.
Evaluator CJ Wittmann
Report Date 08/20/2014
Affiliate Wilmington Blue Rocks (High A, Royals)
Dates Seen 5 G Late July-August
OFP 65
MLB ETA 2016
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 65 91-95 96 91-93 velo band, sink; 93-96 velo band arm-side run; downhill plane and consistent release point; will work inner half to LHH and RHH; more consistency with mechanics have allowed for command to improve; big deception in pitch; uses all 4 quadrants exceptionally well.
SL 60 81-84 85 used to work 78-86 range, now just throwing the harder variation of the pitch; hard biting break with tilt; hard snap in upper velo band and has darting late action on hitters; generates swings and misses from LHH away, backfoot swing and misses to RHH; shows ability to throw for a strike early in count and as a chase pitch; consistent mechanical changes have allowed for improved command to all areas around the plate.
CH 60 82-86 87 arm-side sinking action; feed it to RHH away to get swing and misses; can throw it to coming back to outside corner to LHH; still has movement in upper velo band but not enough seperation from FB to be of full utility; tough to pickup because of delivery; consistent mechanics allow for same arm action as FB.

Being a young evaluator early in season, I jumped at the opportunity to pump Sean Manaea's double-plus stuff. Not to admit I was wrong but I forgot to take in the fact that the big leagues are hard and having monster grades on pitches puts unrealistic expectations on a player. While Manaea stuff is very legit, I had to remember than commanding the pitches will ultimately allow them to play to their full potential.

Manaea has calmed his delivery down and it is much more simple. His landing spot and arm slot have become more consistent, allowing his command to play up. Over the last 5 games, Manaea walk rate has dropped tremendously and his strikeout numbers have stayed the same. He seems to have adjusted well to High-A and is becoming more of a polished arm. His FB utility is near double-plus due to the movement and velocity of the pitch. His ability to command his pitches now makes me think his secondaries will play up to their full potential. I've seen the changes Manaea has made throughout the year and showing he has the ability to adjust makes me feel comfortable in putting a high realistic ceiling on him as well as a high OFP.

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