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Tim Berry

Born: 03/18/1991 (Age: 23)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 180
Wiry frame; skinny build with long limbs; room for growth but body is similar to a Tim Lincecum mold; slight rotational delivery; helps to hide ball out of hand; 3/4th arm slot; quick arm; mildly upright delivery; slight rock and roll at times; establishes good extension on front leg; still able to get slight drive even when upright; decent plane; will land on extending foot too far right sometimes; causes him to leak open and loses body unison; arm will fly up and outward causing pitches to sail and cast; smooth and fluid delivery in general; delivery times 1.44 - 1.55.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 07/25/2014
Affiliate Bowie Baysox (AA, Orioles)
Dates Seen 7/25/2014
OFP 55
MLB ETA 2014
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 55 89-92 92 Mild arm-side run; ball has mild life; can become flat and straight at times when he leaks open; slight deception in delivery allows him to play FB up; command is average; average pitch in all aspects; nothing stands out; slight growth and a tick refinement in command could make this a solid-average offering due to the deception and decent plane he is able to establish.
CH 55 81-83 83 Average arm-side run; more than FB; able to replicate FB arm speed very well; pitch has slight fade and flashed solid-average more often than not; command is currently average; shows good feel for the pitch; velo difference between CH and FB are not great; pitch works best in 81 velo range; best pitch in this outing; shows ability to run and fade to both sides of the plate; left one too firm in middle of the plate for a loud double down the LF line.
CB 55 76-78 79 1-6 offering; tight spin; mild depth; depth is merely average at best; threw many CB in this outing; really struggled with release point; arm slot and release point made pitch be cast and lose any spin; pitch was flat and easy to gauge due to lack of depth; released pitch too early a few times; command is currently fringe; average to solid-average offering when he is able to consistently repeat arm slot and release points.

Berry is a crafty lefty that has three average offerings. He will not overpower a lineup, but shows some feel for all three pitches and displays moderate pitchability.

The stuff is not exciting, but Berry does just enough to work through a lineup two to three times; He becomes very hittable if he does not have the CH or CB working, and the the FB command can become erratic at times. Overall, Berry is likely a reliever if he cannot consistently repeat his finish on delivery and tighten up the CH and CB. He could help a major league club in the bullpen right now, but the risk is still moderate for him as a starter due to the lack of above average stuff and consistency concerns.

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