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Hunter Harvey

Born: 12/09/1994 (Age: 19)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 210
Skinny frame; room for growth; projectable body; smooth delivery; slight crossfire; stays tall with good drive; natural 3/4th arm slot; excellent arm speed; fluid motion and keeps hips rotating in unison with upper body; good plane; shows ability to stay compact and push towards home; delivery times 1.34-1.41; quick delivery and works fast on the mound.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 07/18/2014
Affiliate Delmarva Shorebirds (Low A, Orioles)
Dates Seen 7/18/14
OFP 70
MLB ETA 2016
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 65 92-94 95 Easy velocity; consistently sat 92-94 the entire 5.0 inning outing; arm-side run at higher velo band; cut displayed at times in lower velo band; aggressive attacking inside with FB to both LHH and RHH; pitch has late explosion and mild deception due to good plane and ability to change eye level of hitter; command is currently average; great feel for his FB and likely reaches plus command; FB is currently a plus offering; could see tick of improvement from growth into frame and the remaining improvement in command left; true weapon that can be thrown in multiple fashions relative to the situation and hitter.
CB 70 76-78 79 Hammer; 11-5 offering; tight spin; deep depth that moves quickly; ability to replicate FB arm speed; command of CB is solid-average with chance to become plus; cast a few; shows ability to drop pitch on outside portion of the zone for a strike; able to hit spots for a strike; also shows ability to snap pitch below the zone for swinging strikes; registered seven swinging strikes; five of those swinging strikes were for strikeouts; will double up on pitch; shows extreme confidence to throw in any count; can become too reliant on CB and will throw too often; pitch is a plus-plus future offering that could rack up K's at any level if he can keep his release points consistent.
CH 55 81-84 86 Clearly the biggest developmental concern at this time; CH shows feel; able to replicate FB arm speed; mild fade with some arm-side run; does not consistently throw it effectively; comes in too firm at times; release points often too early and leaves pitch elevated; command currently fringe; pitch should get to an average offering; chance to become solid-average if he can find a consistent release point and lessen the firmness; best pitch of the night was a swinging strikeout on a fading CH low and inside to a RHH; this was also the last pitch of his outing.

Harvey has extreme confidence on the mound. He shows an innate ability to pitch, displaying extreme pitchability and cognizance of the situation surrounding him. His aggressiveness is tremendous, and he will attack hitters inside and then finish them off with the hammer CB. The FB/CB combo is one of the better duo's in the minors, but the CH still has a long ways to go before he becomes consistent enough to start at the highest level.

A ton of projection is left here, with his growth into his skinny frame likely meaning he adds on a tick in velocity down the road. This could help benefit his FB and CH, making them become better future weapons. Harvey is dominant in the Low-A level, but the CH will likely need to become more consistent before he is able to handle the next two levels. He does rely on the CB too much, which is not surprising considering its plus-plus potential and the confidence he has throwing it.

If everything clicks with Harvey, this is a front-line starter that could be one of the better pitchers in the game. He is far from that at this current time, with a high amount of growth left. He looks young on the mound, even if he does pitch like a player older than his age. I did like how Harvey was able to consistently show the same stuff the entire outing, holding his velocity and the depth on his CB.

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