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Jake Johansen

Born: 01/23/1991 (Age: 23)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 6" Weight: 235
Tall; built frame; thick and muscular lower half; great pitching frame; starts out with body open in windup; then inverts when he begins windup; the inverted windup largely looks to keep him compact throughout delivery; mild stab in back; very mild arm drag; will occasionally rear back more; good drive towards home with clean deceleration; slightly exerted but large frame can handle it; live arm; excellent arm speed; release points will vary; often early due to occasional flying open; will cause him to elevate pitches; delivery times 1.35-1.40.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 07/18/2014
Affiliate Hagerstown Suns (Low A, Nationals)
Dates Seen 7/18/14
OFP 60
MLB ETA 2017
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 65 90-94 95 Live arm; FB is explosive offering with life; shows cut in 90-93 velo band; straightens out some at higher velo band; release points affect his command; currently fringe-average and leaves FB up in zone way too often; pitch was hit hard by Delmarva lineup; looseness and location are biggest factors; more impressed by the cut in the lower velo band than the higher velo; could be a plus offering if the command tightens; currently not doing enough to warrant a higher grade.
CH 55 82-85 86 Split CH variety; replicates FB arm speed well; pitch has good feel; has some late parachute action; drops at last moment; command is very erratic currently; fringe; leaving the pitch too high in zone and over the plate; confident that he can iron this out; release points were biggest issue; he was able to smooth them out for the middle innings of his outing; not a plus pitch but good enough to be a solid secondary offering in majors; better in the higher velo band; as it more effectively replicates FB in this range.
CB 50 76-79 79 Only threw a handful of them; 11-5 offering; shows average depth with tight spin; able to locate well in zone; pounded outside half against RHH; pitch could use mild tweak in command; currently fringe-average; able to replicate arm speed; release points were better than CH; decent secondary offering.

Johansen has a live arm that is capable of touching mid 90's with his FB, while flashing two average to solid-average secondary offerings. The overall package is impressive, and leaves the impression that if everything clicks he can be a mid-rotation starter at the highest level. However, the command issues are worrisome and he leaves his pitches elevated far too often.

I was not impressed by his pitchability, often wondering what his plan was on the mound. It seems like he was mostly working on the FB/CH combo, but both pitches are currently erratic and easy to barrel when left up in the zone.

The risk is high for Johansen as a starter, because he will need to tighten up all three pitches to provide a consistent package. If moved to the bullpen, I would fully expect the FB to gain a tick in velocity. I could realistically see him sitting in the 93-96+ range. However, the cut at the lower velo band was the most intriguing aspect of his arsenal. He is a tick too old for his current league, which means the clock is likely ticking fast on his chance to stick as a starter.

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