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Kohl Stewart

Born: 10/07/1994 (Age: )
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 200
Prototypical pitcher's build. Ultra athlete with strong, thick legs. High 3/4 with slow leg lift and clean arm action. Simple, repeatable delivery. Great posture. Stride length is excellent; finishes well over his front foot, generates solid hip torque. Not much effort, ball jumps out of hand.
Evaluator Jordan Gorosh
Report Date 00/00/0000
Affiliate Cedar Rapids Kernels (Low A, Twins)
Dates Seen 2014-06-09
OFP 65
MLB ETA 2017
Video Yes
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 65 93-96 96 Big life up and down in zone; really explodes at times. Natural arm side run. Command is high schoolish and loose at present, but delivery is extremely repeatable, and command could improve the pitch by a full grade. Lost half a tick in the later innings and averaged 91-93, but could reach back for mid 90's if he needed it. Went to a 2-seamer late, which possessed even more arm side run. Keeps the pitch off barrels, often yielding weak contact or broken bats.
SL 65 82-84 85 Hard snap with horizontal movement. 11-3 action that veers away from RHH. Looks like a fastball and makes left turn about 30 feet out of hand. Not an offering that's thrown for a strike at present, more of a chase pitch. Often keeps it low and away from righties, and can back foot to lefties. Swing and miss pitch to either handed hitters, will be out pitch at major league level. Can flash plus, plus.
CH 50 83-85 85 Shows feel for change. Arm speed lets pitch play up to major league average. Not a pitch he throws with conviction yet, but turns it over nicely. Not thrown for a strike at this time. Throws predominantly to left handed hitters and has some depth and fade. Feel for pitching will help refine this offering and make it an average pitch in time.
CB 50 76-78 78 Amateurish offering at present. Slurvy and high out of hand. Used it the least of any pitch. Slower than slider with more vertical movement. Shows ability to generate spin and loose wrist, offering the ability to let it become major league average. Inconsistent; could hang high and arm side, then flash major league qualities.

Stewart's ceiling is that of a No. 2 starter who can log innings. May have four major league quality offerings. Due to big time athleticism and the ability to repeat his delivery, the fastball command profile is outstanding, and will also make allow other pitches to play up. The gap between what the pitcher is now and what he will be is fairly large, but he's very polished for a teenager. The slider has wipe out potential, and could miss bats at the major league level right now. Showed ability to move the ball around to all quadrants and keep the ball off the barrel.

Does little things well on the mound. 1.15-1.27 times to home plate, and neutralized running game. Often would pause for a beat longer and give multiple looks to base runners. Gold glove caliber fielder, and very aware of game situations. Usually would tag high school arms in Low-A with "high" risk proposition, but athleticism and polish give him a higher probability of reaching ceiling.

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