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Dylan Bundy

Born: 11/15/1992 (Age: 21)
Bats: Switch Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 225
Extremely built frame; one of the most athletic pitchers I remember seeing; maxed frame; fluid mechanics; clean delivery with plenty to like; mild stab but not enough to warrant significant concern; excellent drive; arm stays high in 3/4th slot and body is able to stay low and drive towards home; excellent vertical axis with arm relative to the ground; creates a tremendous plane; drops and drives; excellent arm speed; hips stay proportionate throughout delivery; consistent delivery times in 1.38-1.41 range; the overall mechanics are impressive; body is in unison and he keeps balance throughout the entire start.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 07/02/2014
Affiliate Aberdeen IronBirds (Short Season, Orioles)
Dates Seen 6/27/2014
OFP 70
MLB ETA Already Reached
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 60 91-93 94 Excellent command; able to spot the FB in all quadrants at any time; mild armside run from an excellent plane; velocity is fine at this level; pitch is still above average offering even without the velocity he possessed in the past; explosive offering with life; ball gets on hitters quicker than anticipated.
CT 70 87-89 89 Not the true weapon it was in the past; still a great pitch; acts as a FB and then has late, hard cut; nearly a foot on the cut; excellent pitch and able to throw to both sides of the plate; throws at the hands of both LHH and RHH; has multiple versions of horizontal movement from armside run and cut; vertical movement from plane; pitch is hard to track and hitters will generally struggle with this offering at any level; velocity and crispness of pitch have not returned quite yet; was an elite offering before; doubt it returns to full form, but slight tick in velocity and some general tightening of command will get this pitch back to plus-plus.
CB 65 73-75 75 12-to-6 offering; great depth; tight spin; will miss bats at any level; able to drop pitch into lower part of strike zone; pitch looks even deeper in its rotation because of excellent plane and high arm slot with low drive; will cast it occasionally; will release too late with arm out in front and ball will drift up in zone; not a large concern and can be tightened up; command of offering is plus and could improve more once he improves the occasional release point malfunction.
CH 60 86-88 88 Only threw a few of them; slight parachute action; fade towards armside; the velocity difference from the FB is not great; largely from the velocity a tick down since the surgery; able to replicate same arm speed and arm action; release points were fine; threw one that was firm at 88; good pitch if his FB velocity ticks up again; pitch does not have enough differential without the velocity gain; still shows enough movement and fade to provide usefulness regardless.

Dylan Bundy has made the trek back from Tommy John Surgery. It has been a long journey for the RHP, but he looks to be mostly back in form. The velocity may never return to 94-98. but I do expect another slight tick in velocity from 91-94. It likely does not happen this season. Regardless, he still has a terrific arsenal.

Bundy is one of the most polished pitchers in the minors, displaying an extraordinary amount of pitchability, confidence and cognizance on the mound. While many will look at the arsenal and say this is not the same pitcher, I still believe the intense makeup and pitchability boost Bundy up the charts. This is one of the most competitive players I have seen, even against competition like the NYPL. Bundy did not care where he was, he wanted to annihilate every hitter with his arsenal.

Bundy is still an extremely talented arm regardless if the velocity returns, the CT returns to its old form, and the CH gains its full effectiveness. With his pitches still grading out as plus or potentially plus, Bundy has a deep arsenal that will help him work through a Major League lineup when one of his pitches is off for the night. The CB is currently the best secondary offering, but the CT has potential to be that pitch down the road if the velocity and crispness of it returns. Bundy is going to pitch and pitch well in the majors. However, there is some mild risk here simply because he has Tommy John on the record and the arsenal has not quite reached its past potential.

On the CT: Bundy definitely threw it multiple times. Multiple eyes confirmed the same and the movement was nothing similar to the CH.

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