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Lucas Giolito

Born: 07/14/1994 (Age: 19)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 6" Weight: 245
Terrific body; large frame; muscled; athletic build; long arms; sturdy legs; high 3/4th arm slot; arm stab; great arm speed; long extension; terrific plane; one of the best planes in the minors currently; excellent drive off back half; able to stay tall until last moment; delivery is slow and deliberate in windup; able to speed up without sacrificing stuff with runners on base; delivery times 1.35-1.41 range; toes right side of rubber with finish pointed towards RHH box; mild leg kick; stays balanced for the most part; some exertion; will occasionally fly open and drifts towards first base.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 06/15/2014
Affiliate Hagerstown Suns (Low A, Nationals)
Dates Seen 6/14/2014
OFP 80
MLB ETA 2016
Video Yes
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 80 93-96 98 Explosive offering with elite velocity; sits comfortable at 93-96; ball has terrific and natural arm-side run up to 95; straightens out at higher velocity; boring action; late life that is hard to pick up out of hand; velocity and movement is heightened due to extreme plane; ball looks 100 out of hand; hitters struggled to catch up; absolute weapon running inside on RHH; shattered two bats with run; command is currently average; struggles at times on release points; command tightening and extra stamina could lead to the FB becoming an elite offering and one of the more dominant pitches in the game.
CB 80 79-81 83 One of the best secondary offerings in the minors; extremely hard spin; deep depth; 11-5 with great rotation throughout the entire action; easy strikeout pitch; ability to throw in any count at any time; two-plane break; command can waver at times due to release points; no contact on the pitch through first three innings; has full confidence in the CB; only aspect holding this back from elite is repetition of release points and command; absolute hammer.
CH 55 81-84 85 CH needs work; flashes solid-average; shows ability to throw with same arm speed as FB; replication and release points are biggest issue; grip seems too firm at times; releases too early at other times; floated a few in; pitch has some fade but is not a true weapon; command is not quite there; will be a solid pitch once he gets a full year under his belt working on it.

Lucas Giolito is one of those pitchers that can alter a franchise. He has two elite offerings which could work in the majors very soon. The FB is a true weapon that will carry Giolito very far. The CB is one of the best strikeout pitches I have seen watching minor league games. Both pitches need minor refinement in terms of consistency and command, but they will be weapons in the majors. The CH is further away, and I do not view it as a true weapon by itself. However, it works with the rest of the arsenal and Giolito shows ability to nearly replicate the pitch out of his hand like a fastball.

Throughout the outing, Giolito displayed his athleticism on the mound, showing excellent PFP skills and ability to become an extra fielder. His arsenal was impressive, but I was nearly as impressed by the makeup on the mound. He gave up a well-hit HR on a 96 mph fastball to Carlos Asuaje in the second, and then decided that was enough for the day and dominated the rest of the outing.

Giolito is a high risk prospect simply for the fact that Tommy John Surgery is on the resume, and the Nationals are making sure he does not become overworked this season. Once the training wheels come off, Giolito will soar high. The only other aspect of his game that might hold him from becoming a complete beast is the CH.

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