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Jesse Biddle

Born: 10/22/1991 (Age: 22)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 220
Very smooth; minimal effort; big kid; long legs; looks strong; deliberate with high leg lift; comes high frontside; high 3/4 slot; offers some deception with the leg/frontside glove swing; everything works well with the arm/action; quick to the plate; 1.25 w/ runners on; athletic; good PFP skills.
Evaluator Jason Parks
Report Date 06/07/2014
Affiliate Reading Fightin Phils (AA, Phillies)
Dates Seen 06/06/2014
OFP 50
MLB ETA 2015
Video No
Pitch Type Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 55 89-91 92 Bland pitch; struggles with command; present 30 grade command; limited projection on that front; can't see command ceiling over fringe-average; easy delivery but struggles to get over his frontside and finish; works up and arm-side; struggles to work low in the zone and can't hit gloveside targets; velocity was average; mostly 89-91; movement was average; some arm-side but pitch lacked hop; couldn't set the table and couldn't make his pitch when behind in the count; don't see plus potential because of the below-average command.
CB 50 69-73 75 Pitcher shows more confidence in CB than FB; long break; can show a tight rotation and depth, but not hard to track out of hand; some feel for throwing pitch for a strike; better at 73 mph with slightly less length to the break and more hard vertical action; CB at 75 was elevated and flat; hit out of the ballpark for opposite field blast; has the look of a better MiLB pitch than a ML pitch; lacks the FB command to get bats moving on it; will not be a consistent out pitch against better hitters; more of a steal a strike pitch at highest level.
CH 55 80 82 Limited look at the pitch; dropped a few; some arm-side fade; like with the FB, struggled to stay over it and locate down in the zone; more room for projection; should end up being best secondary pitch; has some feel for it; not same level of confidence as CB at present.

Biddle didn't show major league rotation stuff in start; FB was soft and average; worked mostly around 90; worked up and flat; CB is a minor league pitch; has feel and confidence with the offering; can get tight rotation and drop for a strike, but break is often too soft and long, and without FB command, won't be effective against high level bats; CH has some feel; projects to be main secondary offering; overall command profile is well below-average at present; I don't see an average command profile in the future.

Poor body language in the face of setbacks; sunken shoulders and low-energy responses; didn't attack hitters; couldn't make his pitch when pressed; has all the size/strength necessary; really smooth delivery; stuff is just average and the command is below-average; difficult to project to a major league rotation given current profile; more comfortable putting reliever tag given low intensity arsenal.

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