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Joey Gallo

Born: 11/19/1993 (Age: 20)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 250
Primary Position: 3B
Secondary Position: RF
massive, thick frame; all of 6’5”; thought he could add weight and he has; lower half is very sturdy and muscular; wide, broad shoulders with lean muscle upper half; very good athlete for how big he is; very good control of limbs and body.
Evaluator CJ Wittmann
Report Date 05/04/2014
Dates Seen 4/8-10/14; 4/26-28/14
Affiliate Myrtle Beach Pelicans (High A, Cubs)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2015 high 70 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 45 wide base stance, slightly open; slight front leg kick timing to come closed as pitch comes in; loose hands; has extreme strength and plus bat speed; swing has serious leverage; hips turn in then explode creating extreme torque when deciding to swing, but much improved from last season (calmer); he’ll have trouble controlling the barrel and adjusting to quality off speed; swing is extremely long but makes loud contact often; loves to get hands extended; has made extremely noticeable improvements in pitch recognition and plate discipline; controlled the strike zone well all series and calmed approach in 2 strike counts; recognized spin much better and tracked the ball deep into hitting zone; still will be a lot of swing and miss but hit tool could play to maximum potential after a lot of questions last year.
Power 80 off the charts raw pop; creates extreme bat speed from body and has massive strength; has big lift in swing; has top of the scale power to all fields; great post contact extension; improvements in hit tool quality will allow raw power to play at the highest level.
Baserunning/Speed 40 aggressive but smart base runner; takes the extra base and makes good reads with balls in play; long strides; 4.3 range to 1B.
Glove 50 robotic actions at 3B; has okay reactions off the bat; can make backhand play down the line; still improving footwork; could see a move to OF.
Arm 70 elite arm strength; makes hard throws with ease and they stay on a line to 1B; accuracy is a problem at times; has tuned down arm to improve accuracy.

Gallo hit massive shots in BP that we all have seen before but that’s not what impressed me. He struggled against Manaea and arm-side stuff but made an adjustment each night. Gallo was sitting on breaking pitches and still driving fastballs. Against Almonte, he crushed a mistake to left-CF for HR like he will usually do. His next at-bat, runners at 1B and 2B, he laid off a plus-plus CH (one of the best Almonte threw all night) just off the plate, fading away. I anticipated Gallo was going to swing out of his shoes but he took it. He then took a strike on the outer part of the plate, which was a pitch he could drove but chose to be patient. Almonte threw him a CH down and Gallo sat on it and drove it through the hole in between 1B-2B hitting behind the runners. His last at-bat against Almonte, Almonte tried to come inside with 95. FB had heavy sink and started at Gallo’s hip and ended up on the inside corner. I saw Gallo shuffle out of the way of this pitch before. This time he opened the hips, kept hands inside the ball and got extreme extension post contact. The ball got lost in the night. The adjustments he’s made have impressed me. And even if the hit tool never reaches my projected assumption, I still think he’s Pedro Alvarez at the plate at least.

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