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Manuel Margot

Born: 09/28/1994 (Age: 18)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 180
Primary Position: CF
Lean and wiry; athletic body; fast twitch kid; decent present strength with length in limbs to add more good strength/mass; arms/legs have length and suggest potential for small growth spurt and height could bump a little before physical peak; excellent physical projection; good candidate to maintain quickness and athleticism through physical maturity.
Evaluator Mark Anderson
Report Date 09/12/2013
Dates Seen 6/17/2013, 7/2/2013, 7/3/2013, 7/26/2013, 7/27/201
Affiliate Lowell Spinners (Short Season, Red Sox)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2017 Extreme 55 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Quick, whippy bat; plus bat speed; shows good strength in forearms and wrists; bat-to-ball ability was impressive against older competition; very good approach for his age; showed pitch recognition skills, particularly with ability to identify spin and judge it correctly; chased out of zone occasionally but also learned and rarely did it a second time during that game; uses the whole field well; stride can get a little long with head changing planes and removing ability for solid contact; demonstrated propensity for swinging under the ball, possibly due to stride length and overall vertical movement of his body as pitch approached; should be easily corrected flaw; needs at-bats and time to continue polishing approach and gain consistency generating loud contact to all fields; average hit projection.
Power 50 Surprising strength in small, wiry frame; BP contact is loud to all fields; can really drive it; physical maturation will lead to additional strength; present bat speed and strength projection leave optimism for power; showed easy pop to the gaps throughout summer; should evolve into more over-the-fence power in time; potential average power down the line, including 16-18 home runs and 25-30 doubles; power will take a while to manifest in game situations; may not truly arrive until after near complete maturation of hit tool.
Baserunning/Speed 55 H-1st ranged from 4.17-4.33 across multiple views; consistently 4.23-.4.28; gets out of the box pretty well and gets up to speed quickly; should be above-average runner long term; threat to steal 15-20 bases if given the opportunity; baserunning instincts need work; jumps, particularly off LHP, were consistently late on steal attempts; likes to be aggressive when running on balls in play and will need to pick spots better; speed is an asset defensively and will allow him to stick in CF.
Glove 55 Shows easy defensive ability; covers ground from gap-to-gap in center field; instincts are advanced for his age; reads the ball well off the bat; first step is quick and jump is routinely in the right direction; angles are refined and direct to the ball; gets up to speed quickly and can glide to the ball on most occasions; confident defender; goes side-to-side well; showed ability to go back on the ball as well as come in on it aggressively; high-end athlete that should stick up the middle; will need to adjust for harder contact and larger stadiums but has ingredients to make it all come together as he moves up the ladder; easy projection for above-average defensive profile with some possibility for plus profile at peak.
Arm 50 Arm doesn’t stand out; throws to plate lacked zip at times; showed hard throws with accuracy to 2B and 3B; additional strength and work with pro instruction could result in solid-average arm down the line; arm worked well on throws, just lacked the strength to get it there on some longer throws.

Raw tools are impressive; potential to contribute with all five tools at average or better level; hit and power will require multiple grade jumps to reach peak; multiple grade jumps elevate risk profile; impressive offensive ceiling in the .275, 15 home run, 25 double, 15 steal range; up-the-middle defensive profile gives some buffer if he doesn’t reach his offensive potential; will stick in CF and be an asset there; strong overall profile; potential everyday center fielder that contributes across the board, but profile comes with extreme risk.

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