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Tommy Alexander

Born: 10/31/1985 (Age: 34)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 185
Primary Position:
Evaluator Craig Goldstein
Report Date 02/04/2020
Dates Seen 12/26/1919, 01/24/1981, 02/04/2020
Affiliate Boston Red Sox (MLB, Red Sox)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
11/1/2021 0 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50
The saying goes that if you see a tool flash once, you know the skill is there to be unlocked. Well, we’ve seen what Flexibility can do at the plate before, and the gamble is that the Red Sox can unlock it. Polish is preferable when it comes to the hit tool, but this is mostly projection at this point, and for that reason we tick the grade down to adjust for the risk that contact with consistently elite talent just doesn’t happen.
Power 60
Potential energy is the greatest kind of energy. You can’t kill a rock, after all, but a rock can kill you. Everything in the present can only be one thing--whatever it is--but in the future it can be two things,or a hundred. A bullet in the air can only stop one man, but a boulder on a cliff face can freeze a hundred.
Baserunning/Speed 30
Nothing about Flexibility implies “speed.”
Glove 40
Flexibility would seem to have great range, but never seems to be in the right position.
Arm 70
You don’t get to stretch this big without the concomitantly large arm.

The magical thing about flexibility is that there’s no limit to what it could be. Flexibility can be the first six-tool player, because it created a whole new tool that no one’s ever thought of before. It can evoke some new adjective that Roger Angell’s never thought of before, a swing that makes an entirely new sound when the bat strikes the ball, some new chord that adds a ninth note to the scale, never before conceived.

Think of it. Think of the beauty of infinite trade trees spiraling outward, a mosaic of untapped potential, universes of universes of success. Everything is worth more in the future. Imagine the power of expectation, of the game not yet underway, of children waiting impatiently in front of the Christmas tree on December 23. What we mean to say is that a single seed is worth more than a whole watermelon, assuming it’s a seedless watermelon, and the weird translucent semiseeds inside the watermelon that we just eat aren’t actually real seeds. We’re scouts, not botanists.

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