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Oneil Cruz

Born: 10/04/1998 (Age: 20)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 7" Weight: 210
Primary Position: SS
Sticks for arms, with just a touch of meat on the legs. Extra trim frame and body. Genuine chance to add 40 pounds and still be in great shape. All of 6'7" and definitely looks the part. Long arms and legs. Excellent coordination and athleticism for someone of his height.
Evaluator Ricky Conti
Report Date 09/25/2019
Dates Seen 9/18, 9/20
Affiliate Altoona Curve (AA, Pirates)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2021 High 60 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 45 The body gives him a big zone to be responsible for. He has the length in the arms to reach any pitch, but since there's so much zone, his discipline is reasonable fringe-average. There is some swing and miss to the game, but he handles velo well. The swing is short, as he keeps his hands close to his body at load, then they naturally get long during the swing. Good ability to go opposite field. The discipline will need to be perfect for him to be better than average. Struggles with timing at the moment, even in batting practice
Power 70 Best raw power I saw at the AFL. Had no trouble displaying plus plus strength to all fields using a minimal effort swing. Really impressed that the power is to the opposite field as well. Doesn't always show up in games because of timing. Scary potential if he figures it out.
Baserunning/Speed 50 Strides are actually not that long for someone of his height. Above average speed at present, but no chance it stays there given how much physical development is left.
Glove 45 His transfers and footwork are both smooth, something that will allow him to turn double pays quickly. You can tell he struggles to get low to the ground because of his long frame. This might really limit his range, as he hands now have even farther to travel than before. The hands and feet can pay at short, but if the speed regresses, I doubt he has enough range.
Arm 70 Plus-plus, so much that he was very timid on shorter throws. He has the arm for any position on the field, and he knows it. The accuracy is very average, but the pure strength is impressive. The strength can be found at any angle, balanced or off-balance.

Two plus-plus tools with a chance to stick at short isn't something to joke about. The power is somewhere in between plus and plus-plus at the moment. If he decides to go all out in his physical development, it could get close to 80 grade (and maybe the arm could, too).

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