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Jo Adell

Born: 04/08/1999 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 215
Primary Position: CF
Secondary Position: RF
Thick, but athletic legs. Insane present strength from head to toe. Premier speed/strength combo.
Evaluator Ricky Conti
Report Date 09/24/2019
Dates Seen 9/19, 9/20
Affiliate Salt Lake Bees (AAA, Angels)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2020 Medium 70 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 As much hype as he has, the hit tool isn't perfect. There's some swing and miss to his game, and the front side will sometimes pull out too early, causing him to foul off hittable pitches. He was also frozen by a handful of curveballs. Nonetheless, the discipline and plate awareness are solid. There isn't much loft to the swing at the moment. The bat speed is top-tier. The swing is powerful and explosive. Even when he doesn't swing, you can just see the energy build up in his load. It's dangerous.
Power 70 Usually the hit tool unlocks the power tool, but in Adell's case it might be the other way around. He hits the ball so hard, so often, that the baseball is bound to find holes in the field. In batting practice, he launches baseballs to all fields well beyond the outfield fence. It's truly a show, but mainly for your safety, you need to be paying attention when he's hitting, because he will smash baseballs at distances you didn't think a baseball could go.
Baserunning/Speed 60 He's currently a plus runner with good acceleration. The legs are thick, so there is some risk he will regress to 55, but either way, it'll be enough.
Glove 55 Showed some drift on routine plays, but takes great routes with solid reads. The footwork in the outfield is really good and will give him a chance to throw runners out.
Arm 55 Showed very average in pregame, but at low effort. Can imagine it shows above-average to plus at full effort in-game.

When a prospect has multiple carrying tools, that is what usually puts him on the map. Adell not only has four carrying tools, but one of them is 70 grade, and there's still a chance for a fifth. Part of what makes Adell special is how quick he's made it to the upper minors, how he's been able to accomplish so much for his age, and the legitimate potential for five tools.

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