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Josh Jung

Born: 02/12/1998 (Age: 21)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 214
Primary Position: 3B
Secondary Position: 1B
Maxed out athletic build with strong core, wrists, and hips. Good athlete with quality coordination and explosive hips and wrists. Loose lower body and quality quick actions with hands and torso.
Evaluator Kevin Carter
Report Date 06/02/2019
Dates Seen March 2, 2019
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MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2022 Medium 60 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Excellent barrel acceleration from right side with quick compact stroke down to the ball. Quality coordination with feel for barrel. Adjusts hands close/away from body well to location. Clean lower half and decelerates his hips well. Likes to pull the ball, but can go with the pitch. Struggled with quality breaking pitches throughout game and currently limit his physical hit tool. Patient on pitches out of the zone when he is able to pick up the pitch. Aggressive in the heart of the zone.
Power 50 Plus raw strength. Swing moves down and is nearly flat at optimal point of contact.
Baserunning/Speed 45 Below average runner with good acceleration, but limited top speed. One time recorded was 4.34. Good instincts on base paths and provide average value there despite below average foot speed.
Glove 50 Soft hands and decent fielding actions at 3B. Quick reactions help limited lateral range. Currently below average defensive instincts that cause him to make the occasional misplay or miss a ball he should have had due to poor initial step. Physical tools to be average at 3B with repetition.
Arm 55 Above average arm strength and flashed it once on a close play at 1B. Clean footwork and consistent arm slot on throws.

Josh Jung has the build and physical tools to create the vision of a OBP-heavy 3B with the occasional home run sprinkled in. His quality physical hit tool and significant raw power are currently limited by pitch recognition and his current problems getting on plane to get that raw power into games.

His fielding tools at 3B are also solid with soft hands and quick reactions, but he needs to polish the defensive instincts before those tools will allow him to provide value defensively.

Jung likely ends up as a solid every day 3B who could potentially see himself fulfilling that vision of an OBP/power 3B if he is able to significantly improve his pitch recognition and adjust his swing for more loft.

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