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CJ Abrams

Born: 10/03/2000 (Age: 18)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 185
Primary Position: SS
Secondary Position: CF
A pure athlete with quick twitch muscles, very skinny and needs to add good weight without sacrificing dynamic movement. His premium athleticism is the upside on all his projected future tools.
Evaluator Keanan Lamb
Report Date 06/01/2019
Dates Seen 4/3-6/19
Affiliate (, )
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2025 Extreme 50 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Very raw as a hitter with a lot of mechanical tinkering needed. Needs to find a consistent setup that is comfortable for him and build from there. Throws his hands to swing and ends up with a very flat bat path. Could very easily be knocked down a full grade if not for line speed that will likely get him some extra hits.
Power 40 Beyond needing to gain strength to add to his raw power, the swing is geared for a more contact approach -- put the ball in play and run. If significant changes are made to the swing, maybe could be bumped up a grade, but will likely be a top-of-the-order hitter with little expectations for extra-base or homerun power.
Baserunning/Speed 70 Easily his best tool, runs like a wide receiver with both quick lateral ability and double-plus straight-line speed.
Glove 55 Good hand-eye coordination and fundamentals, can likely stick at shortstop and isn't like to physically grow out of the position. If the glove proves to be a little too inconsistent, a move to center field where he can use his legs to track down balls (similar to Billy Hamilton) would not be out of the question.
Arm 60 On pure arm strength, it's average to slightly better, but has very quick transfers that play up his middle infield defensive projections. The arm and quick release alone should keep him at short for the long-term.

Every year there are players drafted purely based on athletic ability and not necessarily on baseball skills, and Abrams would fall into that category as he is still plenty raw defensively and especially offensively. The team that selects him will have to be patient and work with him to help develop his skills in accordance with his physicality. It's a boom or bust profile that is reliant on everything clicking.

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