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Austin Riley

Born: 04/02/1997 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 240
Primary Position: 3B
XL Frame, thick, wide frame, decent fill throughout body with more muscle to fill out upper body, well-proportioned body with a little more length in leg, baseball butt.
Evaluator Javier Barragan
Report Date 06/05/2017
Dates Seen 5/1,5/3-5/4,5/19-5/21,6/5
Affiliate Brevard County Manatees (High A, Brewers)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2019 High 60 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Front hip leaks, long to the ball, good bat speed, weight off of backfoot at contact, good extension through contact; lift approach, loose hands, swing can get long due to poor weight shift and bat wrap leading to swings and misses in zone, though has an idea of how pitchers are attacking him, has a feel for barrel; with improved weight balance and more plate appearances against advanced stuff, hit tool will improve.
Power 70 EZ power to the gaps, high and far, easy power, more power to come with improved load, weight balance, pitch recognition and leverage. Plays down in-game due to present balance issue.
Baserunning/Speed 40 Moves adequately for size, slow acceleration, alert, mildly aggressive on base paths, can take extra bag. Will slow as he fills out. 4.33 down the line.
Glove 60 Athletic for size, loose actions, moves well spatially, good reactions off bat, smooth fielder, good glove control, makes all plays, focused, prepared on every pitch.
Arm 60 More than enough at third, can make throw from deep third, straight carry usually on bag, can make from different arm and fielding angles, clean arm action with some length, threw in low 90s off the mound in high school, has shown enough arm strength with easy effort but there seems to be more there.

One of the more exciting players in the FSLl, Austin Riley stands out. He has size and smooth actions. He plays an athletic third base, handling many challenging plays ahead, behind, and to his side. There is present game power, and visible raw power to right-center field. His hit tool is below average because of leakage and weight balance but with further instruction and repetition, the 20-year-old's hit tool will improve. Riley has the defense and power combo to be an Atlanta favorite, all contingent on his weight balance at the plate. There's a significant gap between where Riley is now where he could be, hence the high risk factor. Still, I believe he has the aptitude and ability to make those adjustments and justify his ceiling.

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