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Stone Garrett

Born: 11/22/1995 (Age: 21)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 195
Primary Position: LF
Secondary Position: RF
Square shoulders, narrow waist, strong forearms, light in the lower half that taper into sticks for ankles that are garnished with big feet; very low body fat, muscular body.
Evaluator Javier Barragan
Report Date 05/19/2017
Dates Seen 5/11-13,5/15-5/18
Affiliate Jupiter Hammerheads (High A, Marlins)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
High 50 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 40 Narrow stance, upright; load and toe tap, some length to the ball, suboptimal usage of lower half, healthy extension for after contact.

Poor approach, seemingly caught between hit for average and run producer, swings at pitcher's pitch, can get too aggressive, chases often, swing-and-miss in zone, swing can get lengthy leading to swings and misses especially vs. plus velo, must shorten, has an idea of the strike zone but approach inhibits it, has shown an ability to line the ball the other way but is mostly pull, shows poor plate coverage away with some ass-out swings, correctable faults in approach
Power 60 Strong forearms, strength in upper body, more power to come, good extension for power but not with current approach, also poor pitch recognition and execution at the plate has deterred proper lift, will continue to develop
Baserunning/Speed 50 Ability to swipe bags presently but maturation will slow down to average, alert on the base paths, will score from second, avg 1st to 3rd

Dig 4.21
Glove 50 Solid defender, catches what he gets to, charges the ball, actions are a bit clunky but playable at the corners, occasionally rushes.
Arm 50 Fringy arm that plays up with his accuracy, plays the bounce well, on line and on target, rigid arm action.

Garrett has yet to play in a full season, in part due to a, uh, prank gone awry in 2016. Furthermore, Garrett played two sports prior to signing pro in 2014. Therefore, in terms of development, he still needs more seasoning than a typical high schooler drafted in 2014. Currently not playing his best baseball because he is behind developmentally. With his aptitude and talents, performance will improve. Although his approach is poor, Garrett has flashed the ability to command the zone, recognize pitches and line the field with hits versus more advanced pitchers. I do wonder if there are lingering effects of his right hand/nerve injury, as it reportedly affected him last season. With further development, Garrett projects to be a second-division Left Fielder.

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