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Delvin PĂ©rez

Born: 11/24/1998 (Age: 18)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 175
Primary Position: SS
Tall kid with no muscles, young 18-year-old body, a lot of growing to be had, needs to hit the gym, a lot of room for lean muscle.
Evaluator Javier Barragan
Report Date 05/13/2017
Dates Seen 5/6, 5/9, 5/10,5/12, 5/13
Affiliate GCL Cardinals (Rookie, Cardinals)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2022 High 55 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 45 Light toe tap, has a bat wrap but good foundation nonetheless, average bat speed, long bat path to the ball, mild leverage, point of contact out front, rolls top hand after contact, extension through.

Much of Perez's weak contact comes from poor mechanics (a bat wrap lengthens the swing in the back) and over aggressiveness, and poor pitch recognition. Contact quality can be improved with proper instruction. Given the actions, feel for the game, age and proper instruction the probability is there that the hit tool will improve.
Power 50 Swing path built for line drives and pulled balls, would need to tweak to create more loft, has present extension, more raw power to come, needs to hit the gym, underdeveloped frame. Currently bottom of the scale power due to lack of weight on frame.
Baserunning/Speed 55 Usable speed, doesn't run hard, doesn't "show off" speed, not a base stealer, unrefined on the basepaths, needs to focus on explosiveness, current body composition ages well.
Glove 60 Rangy, good on balls ahead and glove side, comfortable backhand, soft glove, plus glove control, instincts, demonstrates agile footwork around the bag, immaturity is present now, occasionally tries to do too much, lazy pre-pitch, the loose actions play at short, will stay.
Arm 60 Enough for position now, gets the job done, clean arm action with average arm speed, most on bag, occasionally rushes throws, inconsistent footwork leads to poor throws, ability to throw from different angles, with maturation muscle growth and proper footwork arm will be plenty.

A young, toolsy player who plays the game with ease and looseness, Perez has a lot of upside. Naturally, at 18 years old, he is far from his final product but these are the things he has on his sid: his instincts, the ease, size, glove, arm, age, and potential. There are questions about the ability to reach his full potential, but Perez has shown coachability in his mechanical changes as well as changes in approach at the plate that have occurred over two weeks. Having the instincts and talents to stay at short, Perez projects to be a glove first shortstop on a championship caliber team.

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