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Born: 00/00/0000 (Age: )
Bats: Throws:
Height: 0' 0" Weight: 0
Primary Position: RF
Secondary Position: CF
Strong, compact, athletic body, projection remaining for additional strength
Evaluator Grant Jones
Report Date 08/24/2016
Dates Seen 9x April-June
Affiliate South Bend Cubs (Low A, Cubs)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2019 High 55 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Quick hands, premium bat speed; varies timing mechanism between toe tap and moderate leg lift, more fluid utilizing the leg lift; moderate leverage, plane to lift balls; inconsistent approach, swing gets long, struggles to hold the zone, expands low and away
Power 50 Plus raw, premium bat speed with moderate leverage; line-drive game approach, swing-and-miss, approach will limit utility to average
Baserunning/Speed 55 Plus present, likely to lose a step or two as he fills out; speed to play all outfield positions, will generate value on the base paths
Glove 50 Adequate in the field, tracks well, takes good routes, instincts improved throughout the year, speed to handle all positions in the outfield
Arm 60 Plus arm strength, accurate to third base, carries well into the bag, enough arm for right

Martinez struggled to settle in to his full-season assignment, but after a few rough viewings in April and May it became evident that he was beginning to make needed adjustments. He shows all five tools, with premium bat speed, plus raw power, present speed, and arm strength, and no below-average grades in the books. There's a natural feel for hitting, and he has demonstrated an ability to sit on pitches, though the approach is still exploitable at present. There is above-average regular potential on the strength of the natural talent, but there is a higher risk he doesn't continue to adapt and max out.

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