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Edwin RĂ­os

Born: 04/21/1994 (Age: 22)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 3" Weight: 220
Primary Position: 1B
Secondary Position: 3B
Hulking frame, broad shoulders, powerful chest and core, natural strength throughout, long levers; mild athleticism, deliberate, moves with rhythm, everything at a measured pace, some lumber, heavy feet
Evaluator Wilson Karaman
Report Date 07/30/2016
Dates Seen 6/26, 6/30, 7/26/16
Affiliate Rancho Cucamonga Quakes (High A, Dodgers)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2018 High 50 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 45 Open at setup, slight crouch, presence in the box, mild waggle off the back ear; lower-half starts early, toe tap into a leg lift, tight coil; very long stride, hands stay back and steady, extreme separation and leverage; hitch at trigger, hands drift up, drops back elbow, loop and length into the zone; mild barrel control, feel for timing, demonstrated hand-eye, handles velo; strength swing, average bat speed, excellent outer-third coverage, massive extension, can pitch him on the hands; hyper-aggressive approach, swings early and often, on-base abilities will be tethered to batting average; long, slower swing with some coverage holes up and in, ample swing-and-miss, strength to dump off-barrel contact over infielders
Power 60 70 raw, top-shelf natural strength with swing path to drive balls with loft, produces majestic fly balls with carry; ability to let it get deep, power to all fields; bat speed is just average, hit tool limits utility some, but enough strength to muscle balls out to any fields
Baserunning/Speed 20 4.95 on a tight turn; slow-footed, lumbering strides off the heels, liability on the bases, poor reads on multiple balls in the dirt, clogger
Glove 45 Slow first-step at third, deliberate, solid body control, mobility to the ground, steady hands; smooth actions, though looks like he's playing in slow-motion; first-base profile, inconsistent on the short hop, lack of quickness the primary issue, solid fundamentals otherwise can play to fringe-average defensive utility
Arm 55 Above-average arm strength, throws have carry, hold plane, accurate from the line; careful and accurate feeding pitchers at first

Rios was taken in the sixth round in 2015 out of Florida International and signed to a mildly below-slot deal. He's a power-hitting first baseman with double-plus raw power and a swing chalk full of leverage and loft geared to take advantage of it. The power comes from brute strength over bat speed, however, and the extreme length of both his stride and barrel delivery leaves him vulnerable to swings and misses, as well as frequent sawed-off contact on the inner third. He's strong enough to turn the latter into base hits, though, and he shows some innate timing and hand-eye coordination. That gives him a puncher's chance to hit enough that his power carries the day and helps him evolve into a big-league regular. But it's a tough profile, as he won't add much with the glove, he'll actively subtract on the bases, and the overzealous present approach will need to tone down as he advances. Anything less than near-full power utility, and there probably isn't enough here to force everyday at-bats.

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