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Adrian Marin

Born: 03/08/1994 (Age: )
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 0" Weight: 180
Primary Position: 2B
Secondary Position: SS
Body: Avg height; fairly muscular build; moderate broadness to features; solid-avg athleticism.

Swing: Straight-on base w/ crouch; medium handset w/ high back elbow; loose hands pre-pitch w/ slight bat-wag; minimal movement in load; long out-and-around hand-path w/ inside arm-bar; lengthy swing w/ fringy bat-speed; level swing-plane.
Evaluator Adam McInturff
Report Date 00/00/0000
Dates Seen April 7-April 10, 2016
Affiliate Bowie Baysox (AA, Orioles)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
N/A High 35 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 30 Limited hitting tools w/ longer swing and fringy bat-speed; hasn't experienced offensive success against more advanced mid-minors pitching; difficulty covering both halves of the plate: long to inside pitches and over-extended on outer-half.
Power 30 Minimal power; lacks physicality and bat-speed/swing-plane for HR loft; best contact plays to pullside gap.
Baserunning/Speed 60 Body type allows quick acceleration; 6.5-6.6 straight-away runner as amateur; double-digit SB totals as professional. Won't get on base enough to put legs to full use.
Glove 50 Average actions at SS w/ fair first-step quickness. 45/50 present defender who occasionally gets hard-handed on routine balls.
Arm 45 Arm is short for ML-regular SS defensive profile. Fringy carry and arm-str from the deep hole. Better suited for 2B at highest level.

ORG ceiling; capable of moving around the middle-infield at numerous low-mid minors affiliates; lacks bat or true plus glove/arm for ML role; not enough arm for true ML shortstop but can handle it at Double-A level as ORG filler.

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