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Franklin Barreto

Born: 02/27/1996 (Age: 17)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 208
Primary Position: SS
No major injuries; body still young and developing strength; strong lower half; upper body has room to grow; strong wrists; physically mature for his age; could be a beast once fully mature.
Evaluator Chris King
Report Date 08/28/2013
Dates Seen 6/27/13-8/14/2013
Affiliate Bluefield Blue Jays (Rookie, Blue Jays)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2017 Extreme 60 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 60 Has some swing-and-miss due to aggressiveness; fast hands; good bat speed; swing is short and compact; makes loud contact; uses the entire field; opposite field is a strength; handles pitching from either side; excellent hand-eye coordination.
Power 50 Mostly gap to gap; extra-base-hit machine; opposite field power is already showing; strong wrists and quick bat allow him to drive ball; swing has some uppercut and will generate loft.
Baserunning/Speed 65 Easy natural speed; consistent plus times to first; shows occasional plus-plus times; top end he can fly; needs work with stolen base game; lacks some natural instincts; 25-30 SB potential.
Glove 50 Still rough; unnatural looking at SS; decent range; will struggle with routine plays; better going up the middle than to his right; glove won’t play at current position.
Arm 65 Above average; plenty strong for current position or OF; will drop arm angle, effecting accuracy; still plus strength while on the move.

Has good pitch recognition but will expand the zone at times; vulnerable to FB up in the zone; destroys any pitch down and away; very advanced bat for his age; aggressive style on both sides of the field.

SS is not his future; bat will play at almost any position; will make a tough play look easy, then make an easy one look tough; too inconsistent with his glove and arm accuracy. Barreto’s future is bright. A high impact bat that seems destined for CF. Seeing him drive the ball to the opposite field is a thing of beauty. Wherever he ends up defensively, the bat will play. Future impact bat at top of the order.

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