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Kyle Holder

Born: 05/25/1994 (Age: 21)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 185
Primary Position: UT
Secondary Position: SS
Medium, well-proportioned build. Flat chest; sloped shoulders; average waist and legs. Room for 5-10 pounds of muscle.
Evaluator Al Skorupa
Report Date 07/07/2015
Dates Seen 06-24-2015; 06-24-2015
Affiliate Staten Island Yankees (Short Season, Yankees)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Realistic Role Video
2020 High 40 30; Up/Down/Emergency Utility Infielder No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 30 Below average bat speed. Even stance with wide base; small leg kick. Drifts forward. Loads deep; stiff lead; wraps hands behind him. Flat swing plane; slap hitter; sometimes loopy bat path. Average strike zone discipline; patient approach, but often overly passive; takes pitches early in the count but will expand his zone all directions. Well below average pitch recognition; doesn’t see spin or soft; doesn’t track pitches well; will chase breaking balls in the dirt. Cannot catch up to good velocity; vulnerable to fastballs inside. Doesn’t make in-at bat adjustments. Poor at bats against same handed pitching.
Power 20 30 raw. Slap hitter with flat swing plane; does not drive the ball with any consistency. Well below average strength.
Baserunning/Speed 45 50 raw speed; slow out of the box. Average baserunner. Will steal 5-7 bases, but basestealing reads and jumps below average.
Glove 55 Plus range; above average shortstop actions. Below average mobility, actions and footwork to hole side. Plus hands; quick and loose. Infield clock below average; rushes plays.
Arm 60 Plus arm strength. Plus accuracy. Quick transfer and release.

30; Up/Down/Emergency Utility Infielder. Above average defensive shortstop but will not hit enough to play every day or help consistently in a big league role.

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