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Deven Marrero

Born: 08/25/1990 (Age: 24)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 0" Weight: 190
Primary Position: SS
Medium build on slender side. Well proportioned throughout.
Evaluator Al Skorupa
Report Date 05/17/2015
Dates Seen 04/16/2015; 04/22/2015; 04/30/2015; 05/02/2015; 05
Affiliate Pawtucket Red Sox (AAA, Red Sox)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
Late 2015 Low 50 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 35 Above average bat speed. Big, exaggerated gather, load and drift with a high leg kick. Drifts/leaks towards pitcher; weight shifts over back knee in gather; has toned down drift substantially over last couple years. Loads hands high and deep leading to a stiff lead. Timing issues arising from swing mechanics. Flat swing plane. Inconsistent approach at the plate. Aggressive hitter; prone to expanding his zone; will chase fastballs high as well as soft and spin low. Doesn’t recognize secondaries or track pitches well; doesn’t make in-game adjustments well. Swings and misses at pitches in the zone, out of the zone and in all quadrants. Will work counts some and take pitches. Some natural bat to ball skills; plus barrel awareness and above average bat control; good bad ball hitter. Hits balls where they’re pitched; uses whole field.
Power 30 40 raw. Below average strength. Line drive hitter with a flat swing plane; sprays balls gap to gap.
Baserunning/Speed 50 Average running speed; times to 1B often below average because he’s slow out of the box. Speed plays better on basepaths than it does home to first. Smart base stealer who picks his spots well; reads pitchers well. Will take the extra base; aggressive runner.
Glove 70 Plus range, but more a product of excellent jumps, reads and positioning than footspeed. Excellent body control and smooth, athletic actions. Quick, sure hands. Excellent infield clock; a natural shortstop with tremendous instincts defensively.
Arm 60 Plus arm strength and plus accuracy. Good hands, quick transfer and gets rids of the ball quickly.

Second division starter with a glove first profile. Plus plus defensive shortstop.

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