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Jhoan Urena

Born: 09/01/1994 (Age: 20)
Bats: Switch Throws: Right
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 225
Primary Position: 3B
Strong body, well-developed already, has gone from bad weight to good weight in the last six months;
Evaluator Jeff Moore
Report Date 05/12/2015
Dates Seen 4/27/15, 5/4/15, 5/11/15, spring training
Affiliate St. Lucie Mets (High A, Mets)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2018 High 55 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 50 Plus bat speed from both sides of the plate; similar swings from both sides, uses leg kick to generate weight transfer and momentum; swing is longer from left side but also has more natural uppercut; good natural extension on swing; barrel control is good for such a powerful swing; currently struggling badly with breaking ball and off-speed pitch recognition in first look at advanced competition.
Power 55 Raw power is a High 6 from both sides, approach will limit it's in-game utility; natural loft in swing; generates backspin on baseball getting good carry; will crush fastballs and hit enough mistakes out to have above-average game power; embraces a run-producer's mentality and attacks the baseball as such.
Baserunning/Speed 35 Already a below-average runner, athletic for his size, moves ok once under way.
Glove 45 Handles size well, average lateral range at present, though body could be an issue down the road; adequate hands, enough to make routine plays, though gets himself in trouble when he sits back on ball; can improve consistency on routine plays.
Arm 55 Plenty of arm for third base, good cary across diamond; release can get long at times.

Urena is a difficult player to grade at present because he skipped a level to play against advanced competition. He's currently struggling badly against breaking balls, failing to identify them out of the hand. Despite this, however, he's still able to attack fastballs and has already made an in-seson adjustment, hitting better pitches than he was earlier in the season and putting together better at-bats. That quick adjustment provides optimism for his future. The plus bat speed gives him the tools to be an above-aveage hitter if he proves that his pitch recognition issues are more about lack of experience than they are neurological. The power is natural and doesn't require him to overswing.

He'll never be an asset in the field, but he should be able to stay at third base through his prime, where his bat has the potential to be above-average. There is still a lot of development remaining in front of Urena, but the tools are evident for a potential impact bat. If the pitch recognition issues remain, he could still offer enough production to warrant playing time and find a regular role, but will need to bat down in the order.

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