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Osvaldo Abreu

Born: 06/13/1994 (Age: 20)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 0" Weight: 195
Primary Position: SS
Secondary Position: 2B
Small frame; toned body with muscular definition; maxed frame.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 05/04/2015
Dates Seen 4/28/15 - 4/29/15, 5/2/15 - 5/3/15
Affiliate Hagerstown Suns (Low A, Nationals)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2019 High 40 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 40 Above-average bat speed; noisy hands; minor hitch; ; wide base stance with a leg kick; swing can become out of sync due to violence and elongation; aggressive swing; hips leak; struggles to recognize spin; will lock up on deep spin; needs to relax at the plate; profile is not conducive for the types of aggressive swing he takes.
Power 30 Average raw power; slight leverage and above-average bat speed help it play mildly; the aggression and lack of barrel control hinder the average raw power from realizing its in-game potential.
Baserunning/Speed 45 4.45 home to first; slow out of the box; more agility than speed; players better in the field; stealing bases right now solely on his reactions.
Glove 50 Extremely inconsistent currently; footwork can become lazy and choppy; range is average and displays good reactions; struggles with backhand picks; needs to position body better on plays; the tools and ability is here for an average glove at SS and above-average at 2B, but most of the issues are from lack of preparation and set-up.
Arm 50 Above-average arm strength; moderate carry and can make sufficient throws from the hole; footwork can be choppy and affect the accuracy; plays down the arm a tick.

Abreu was signed as an international free agent in 2012. Abreu lacks any standout tool, but the overall profile could potentially play in a utility role. He needs to settle down his aggression in all phases of the game, as the swing can become overly noisy and the defense is presently too risk-oriented. The risk is high due to his limited time in full-season ball and the inconsistencies currently at the plate and in the field.

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