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Nick Castellanos

Born: 03/04/1992 (Age: 21)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 4" Weight: 203
Primary Position: RF
Bulked up since prior viewing; long arms and legs but well proportioned overall; very strong; has maintained flexibility in upper body despite bulking up; very impressive physically with room to develop more.
Evaluator Mark Anderson
Report Date 07/18/2013
Dates Seen 06/25/13 - 06/28/13
Affiliate Toledo Mud Hens (AAA, Tigers)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2013 Low 65 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 70 Very natural; it all looks easy for him; excellent base with lower half; remains balanced throughout swing; quiet and simple load that he repeats well; head stays almost perfectly still from trigger all the way to contact; excellent bat speed; bat-to-ball skills are superb; works right-center to left field line with ease; tremendous overall feel for the game in the batter’s box; tracks the ball very well; recognizes spin and can stay back; handles velocity well; can hit in all parts of the zone; will expand zone at times but can still make hard contact; likes to swing and will be aggressive but picks his spots; showing more patience and desire to find the pitch he can do the most damage with; improved approach has resulted in even more hard contact than before; only polishing remains to further refine pitch selection and consistency; could hit major league pitching at an average level right now; potential .300-plus hitter.
Power 65 Really starting to show in games; consistently drives the ball hard to all fields; loves to work right-center to center with lots of power; line-drive swing; natural strength and bat speed translate to contact and allow for “that sound” off the bat; shows ability to drive the ball out of the park to the opposite field; still learning to turn on the ball and get into it; pull-side power will come with experience and final polishing of offensive game; doesn’t loft the ball a ton but line drives are hit plenty hard enough to get out; potential for 35-plus doubles and 20-25 home runs a year at his peak; hit utility gives him a strong chance of maximizing his raw power.
Baserunning/Speed 35 Not a graceful runner; running can look difficult for him at times; clearly tries hard but his body just won’t let it happen; doesn’t get out of the box well or get underway well in the outfield; has instincts on the bases but lack of raw speed impacts execution; speed is a marginal part of his game; all negative impacts will manifest defensively rather than offensively; any speed projection is negative as his body thickens with physical maturity.
Glove 45 Converted infielder; still very raw defensively; can get the job done most of the time; doesn’t look pretty during execution; jumps are consistently a half tick late; routes have too much shape and are rarely direct to the spot; appears to track the ball fairly well in the air and doesn’t hesitate a lot; looks unsettled when under the ball; seems very unsure of himself defensively; glove position is inconsistent and often awkward on the catch; nuances like pre-positioning his body for throws are still lost; lacks range due to unimpressive speed; can’t help but feel a bit nervous when the ball is hit in his direction; currently needs a lot of work in the field; even with significant work, doesn’t have projection for more than fringe-average.
Arm 50 Raw arm strength is above average; still struggles with consistent outfield throwing mechanics; gets caught in old throwing habits at times and kind of slings the ball; will show occasional throw with good mechanics, good velocity and some accuracy, but those are rare; more often throws lack zip or accuracy; works hard pre-game on throwing mechanics; arm could play average long term.

Offensive potential carries the profile and could make him a star; potential .300 hitter with budding power; should hit in the middle of a championship lineup; natural offensive gifts are a joy to watch and could manifest into an offensive monster; struggles defensively; instincts for the outfield are lacking and though the arm has raw strength it doesn’t play with poor mechanics for the position; defensive development may never come; baseball rat with excellent makeup; offensive profile will overshadow defensive shortcomings.

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