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Mike Ohlman

Born: 12/14/1990 (Age: 23)
Bats: Right Throws: Right
Height: 6' 5" Weight: 240
Primary Position: C
Secondary Position: 1B
Big frame; strong player; chiseled top half with strong forearms; taller build for catcher; athletic for his size.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 08/28/2014
Dates Seen 25+ Games; 2014
Affiliate Bowie Baysox (AA, Orioles)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2015 Moderate 40 Yes
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 40 Swing is smooth; average bat speed; swing is more upper body than lower; keeps hands quiet most of the time; occasionally will drop them and the swing will become loopy; mostly happens at the end of the game when he is tired; soft load; sometimes non-existent; does not use his hips enough with swing; can become very top-reliant; good bat path through zone but swing takes longer to get going and has some hollow contact at times; ball does not jump off his bat when he barrels; uses the entire field and will pepper the gaps; average pitch recognition; will become tied up on the good secondary offerings; displays a patient approach; sometimes very passive and takes too many close pitches.
Power 40 Above-average raw strength; does not correlate to in-game power; bat speed is average; swing has mild lift but is too elongated at times; does not provide enough torque or drive with hips to exploit his power.
Baserunning/Speed 40 4.38 - 4.47 home to first times throughout the year; has some agility; top gear is not fast; more athletic than he looks.
Glove 40 Defense is lagging behind; footwork is sluggish and affects his defensive work; having difficulty dropping down in time to block pitches; able to jump vertically well; struggles horizontally on blocking pitches; strong hands and forearms but lacks the fast-twitch wrists and muscles to provide efficient pitch framing; mildly improved framing over the course of the season; look tired at times defensively.
Arm 40 2.00 - 2.11 pop times throughout the year; arm strength is above average; does not see this strength replicated in-game; longer windup at times on throws; does not set his feet enough; footwork is a large issue with making accurate throws; feet are more sluggish behind plate than in general; transfers also slow down pop times; arm could improve mildly with a few mechanical tweaks; likely not an asset at highest level.

Ohlman has struggled this season, but the swing still provides some hope for value at the highest level. I have a long history with him, and he has stalled at Double-A. The swing has not altered much, but he is being tied up by the higher velocity and more crisp stuff at this level. The defense has never been an asset, but it has not improved at all this season and has been a detriment to his game.

Ohlman needs some more time at Double-A, and reminds me of Caleb Joseph behind the plate. Extra rest might be good for Ohlman, as his bat and athleticism look heightened when he has sat the day before. Ohlman may not catch full-time, but he has enough talent to potentially serve as a solid bench option for a major league club.

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