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Mike Yastrzemski

Born: 08/23/1990 (Age: 23)
Bats: Left Throws: Left
Height: 5' 10" Weight: 178
Primary Position: CF
Secondary Position: RF
Athletic build; small frame; likely physically maxed; muscular but not large.
Evaluator Tucker Blair
Report Date 07/27/2014
Dates Seen 7/24/14 - 7/26/14
Affiliate Bowie Baysox (AA, Orioles)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2015 Moderate 50 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 45 Average bat speed; swing is short and compact; mild lift but more linear than arc; minimal noise in swing; good hand control; sometimes will step in the bucket and become unbalanced on a good changeup; feet can become sloppy at times and shift too much; struggles to pick up left-side spin; shows cognizance and ability to refine his swing against secondary offerings; smart hitter; good approach; noticeably changes his approach after two strikes and goes for a more contact oriented swing; swing is not enriched with tools but is clean.
Power 45 Average raw power; slight lift in swing allows for him to drive ball at times; not a huge amount of torque in his swing and more of a gap-to-gap hitter who sprays the ball rather than hit for impact.
Baserunning/Speed 50 4.20 home to first; average speed all around; does not have a great first gear; second gear is better but still not impact; average agility and burst; the definition of quick but not fast; speed is more based on his instincts rather than tool.
Glove 55 Excellent instincts in the field; terrific and correct first step; shows adept knowledge of routes and awareness of the current situation in-game; does not have the speed usually wanted for CF; lack of true explosion and speed is a detriment; makes up for this deficiency with elite instincts and hustle; outfield mechanics are nearly perfect; perfect cro-hops; perfect routes; shows ability to turn his body correctly on balls hit right to him; maximizes his talents in the field; made the best play I have seen all year; full-effort dive on a ball in the right-center gap; caught the ball in full extension at the warning track.
Arm 55 Above-average; not quite plus; capable of playing any OF spot; accurate throws; gets a little under his throws at times; ball has good carry but loses some velocity at the end.

The grandson of the great Carl does not have impact tools. However, his elite makeup and baseball smarts substitute for many of his weaknesses. This is a player that will grind out every play, even the ones he is not directly involved with. He sprinted from right-center to a routine fly ball at the left fielder. If the fielder was not there, Yastrzemski could have made the catch.

The tools are fringe-average to solid-average across the board, leaving an average ballplayer. However, his elite makeup and hustle could allow him to maximize these tools and put together a solid career as a second-division talent. He just reached Double-A, so there is still much to learn. He still needs to work on his approach against LHP.

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