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Steven Moya

Born: 08/09/1991 (Age: 22)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 7" Weight: 260
Primary Position: RF
Secondary Position: LF
Enormous man; listed height is accurate; playing above listed weight; closer to 260-265 than 230; chiseled physique; thick/strong legs; long legs; long arms; broad shoulders; physical from head to toe; beast.
Evaluator Mark Anderson
Report Date 07/24/2014
Dates Seen 6/5/2014-6/7/2014
Affiliate Erie SeaWolves (AA, Tigers)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2015 High 65 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 35 Incredible development since prior viewings; has made enormous strides; still a long way to go; swing is long and can be exploited on inner third but shows flashes of getting to velocity in that location; even with length, bat speed is very impressive; surprising barrel control but contact on spin is frequently weak; developing ability to use opposite field; when he goes oppo he drives it there; approach is still very raw; knows what he wants/needs to do in the box but is still learning to execute; shows visible frustration with himself when he chases or doesn't recognize; comes back with adjustments and tries to stay back or hold off; shows strong plan against starter and works hard to get deep into counts (not always successful); struggles to have plan against relievers and will chase more late in games as he faces arms he wasn't prepared to see; will always be a below-average hitter but has more feel now than he's ever had before; could hit .245-.250 at peak.
Power 70 Raw power is undoubtedly elite; some of best raw in minor leagues; hit balls to parts of NH park that I've never seen happen before; drives it on a line to gaps and over the fence; can also show majestic light-tower power; power plays despite difficulty with contact; even with low batting average and raw approach, chance to hit 20-25 home runs and 20-25 doubles at MLB level; raw power just plays in spite of other issues.
Baserunning/Speed 50 Surprising runner; gets up to speed quickly out of the box; very long strides; good athlete for his size; more grace than you'd expect when he runs; can show solid-average speed once underway; aggressive runner in taking extra bases, but not intelligent runner; still learning when to go for it; speed can play to the gaps in OF but reads are raw enough that it doesn't play much of a factor; average overall runner.
Glove 45 Below-average at present; only projects to improve slightly; streaky defender; can struggle to read the ball off the bat; routes are hit or miss with some loop to them; good athlete; works hard in the field; chance to be average but likely comes up a bit short; may fit better in LF than RF long term.
Arm 50 Plus raw arm strength that shows pre-game; struggles with mechanics; ball doesn't come out cleanly; fights mechanics and release; lacks accuracy as he thinks too much about throwing mechanics; plays fringe-average at present but should be average given raw arm strength.

Difficult to believe progress since prior viewing last year; every part of offensive game has taken a step forward; incredibly hard worker; projects to make additional strides; applies instruction well and learns from mistakes; will be low average, low OBP player; power will play and will make up for some other offensive misgivings; surprising speed; solid enough defender to play either OF corner; arm will play better than presently shows; unusual abstract player at Double-A; still putting things together and has room to grow.

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