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Bradley Zimmer

Born: 11/27/1992 (Age: 21)
Bats: Left Throws: Right
Height: 6' 4" Weight: 185
Primary Position: RF
Secondary Position: CF
Physically reminds me of a young David Murphy; big frame; lean body; plenty of room to pack on some more muscle and continue filling out into mid-twenties; good present strength; solid athleticism; body to withstand the rigors of playing everyday.
Evaluator Chris Mellen
Report Date 07/15/2014
Dates Seen 7/12-7/14
Affiliate Mahoning Valley Scrappers (Short Season, Indians)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2017 Moderate 55 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 55 Line drive stroke - geared towards contact; hands work to stay inside of the baseball; will pull in for inside-out stroke and drop head to pull; little lift in swing path; presently not adept at creating post-contact extension; length in swing due to long arms; at times looks like fighting extending early and explosiveness of swing suffers; patient in the box; knows his strike zone, but will chase spin down and away, and fastballs up; all-fields approach; swing looks easy going the other way; high contact potential; do have some questions about translation against good velocity, but feel hitter can clean up consistency of swing.
Power 50 Strong player; does not tap into strength even during batting practice; little lift and leverage in swing; ability to hit home runs is there, but don't believe output will match raw strength levels; see gap-to-gap doubles hitter with occasional over-the-fence power.
Baserunning/Speed 50 4.2-4.26 down the line consistently when digging; long strides; swing out of box takes player a bit offline; see losing a little speed as fills out more, especially if he puts on some more bulk; ability to swipe 10-15 bags, but needs work reading pitchers and improving decision making skills with lead sizes; slow to react at times on moves to first.
Glove 55 Long strides enable player to cover ground into gaps and close on ball; at times does look clunky and a bit awkward in centerfield; reads ball off the bat; takes good routes and does not drift; displays strong outfield fundamentals; believe right field is the best fit for player over the long-run; don't see enough mobility to play center consistently; can play center in a pinch and during stretches; all three outfield spot versatility.
Arm 60 Plenty of raw arm strength; sets feet and gets body in proper position to throw with momentum; enough arm for right field and to challenge runners at third; keeps ball on a line and at good height; will have to be respected.

Solid overall prospect; no one tool wows, but as a collection they compliment one another; 3rd outfielder type for me; corner outfielder who can spell the centerfielder when needed or in a short stretch if injury; see a .275 type with 12-ish home runs, doubles, and some stolen bases; profile slides to a 4th outfielder without projected cleanup of swing consistency; should reach upper levels quickly; complimentary player on a contending team.

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