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Francisco Mejía

Born: 10/27/1995 (Age: 18)
Bats: Switch Throws: Right
Height: 5' 8" Weight: 188
Primary Position: C
Small frame; not overly filled out in lower half, especially legs; lean muscle type; will need to add strength and weight to withstand rigors of position/avoid nagging injuries; athletic; agile; potential for moderate physical gains; likely to lose a bit of athleticism as physically matures and demands of the position.
Evaluator Chris Mellen
Report Date 07/15/2014
Dates Seen 7/12-7/14
Affiliate Mahoning Valley Scrappers (Short Season, Indians)
MLB ETA Risk Factor OFP Video
2018 Very High 70 No
Tool Future Grade Report
Hit 55 Plus bat speed from both sides of the plate; whip-like swing with some leverage; produces plenty of backspin; life in hands - explosive and loose; relaxed stance from both sides; easy pre-pitch set-up; does rock a bit to time; ultra-aggressive hitter - not presently at the plate to wait around; attacks the ball; extremely wide strike zone; will need to develop a more patience mindset to combat pitchers from exploiting up the ranks; do not see hitter ever being the methodical type, but can improve enough to reach hitting potential; distinct sound off the bat; puts the ball into play hard.
Power 55 Thunder in the stick; 55 present raw power; believe more strength to come; knows how to extend and tap into lower half at a young age; pull-side power, but will not be surprised to see hitter be able to reach seats opposite field left-handed; high doubles potential; carry behind fly balls; will surprise with power given statue - potential to hit 15-20 home runs in peak.
Baserunning/Speed 40 Can presently run a bit; accelerates on turn at first and when scoring from second; will lose some speed as rigors of position take a hold; may swipe a base or two; should be able to help on the base paths - stretch a hit, score from second, take chances sending, etc.
Glove 55 Agile/athletic behind dish; quick feet; instinctive feel - reacts well to the ball and quick with reflexes; shows an understanding of the position; soft hands; at times lazy getting down on the ball; glove hand tends to drift and stab; ball control needs work - does not presently get big to smother or front offerings; raw overall receiver; demonstrates an enthusiasm for position; embraces involvement; believe defense will lose rough edges, but expect it to take time and there to be some growing pains.
Arm 70 Borderline elite arm strength; throws show power and force; ball comes out of hand on a line; timed multiple 1.87 pop times on stolen base attempts; release can at times be a tad slow, with long arm action; springs out of crouch; footwork needs a little work; can throw accurately with power; will need to get ball down a bit as competition improves; love to throw; wants to be challenged; type of arm that can grind a running game to a halt.

Displays a level of naturalness and looseness that I love; packs a punch at the plate for his size; ball comes off the player's bat with the look of a major-leaguer; development of secondary skills key to reaching hitting potential; hit tool will not play to potential without buy-in to more selective mentality; believe all of the ingredients are here for an All-Star caliber player; overall development is going to take time, with some growing pains both offensively and defensively; high flameout potential, but my gut feel says this is an impact big-leaguer with both bat and glove.

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