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News and Updates

DateVersionUpdates and Announcements
Feb 16, 20112.0Released the initial 2011 PFM with immense speed enhancements; a new league saving feature where saved leagues are stored on BP servers and available from anywhere; setup collapsable sections for the saved leagues, configurable options, position and scoring categories, and display output.
Feb 16, 20112.0Fixed an Internet Explorer related problem with the initial submit button not working.
Feb 16, 20112.0Added tooltips for inflation elements in the interface.
Feb 16, 20112.0Setup inline sorting for output table by any of the columns displayed.
Feb 17, 20112.0Corrected output display of some fields in output page, CSV and TAB downloadable files (i.e. TAv instead of EqA)
Feb 17, 20112.0Fixed validation method for total budget and hitter budget to correctly evaluate whether total is greater than hitter or not.
Feb 17, 20112.1Corrected a display only issue (did not impact calculations) where commonly named stats would show for both hitters and pitchers in the output (i.e. HR, BB, SO would show up in both sections if it was selected as a hitter stat and a pitcher stat).
Feb 17, 20112.1Moved taken players to its own section, along with tooltips and collapsable container.
Feb 17, 20112.1Enhanced the points based interface to have dynamically displayed form elements for point values for each statistic along side category selection checkboxes.
Feb 18, 20112.1Fixed a bug where points values would reset to zero after the initial submission of parameters.
Feb 18, 20112.1Added QS, holds to pitcher statistics.
Feb 18, 20112.1.1Added the option to display Marc Normandin's tier rankings to the output.
Feb 18, 20112.1.1Added linking from tiers to fantasy expert articles ranking each player by position. Linked 1B, 2B, 3B, SS.
Feb 19, 20112.1.1Added the blown saves (BS) and net saves (NetSV) pitcher statistics.
Feb 20, 20112.1.1Added VORP for hitters and pitchers.
Feb 20, 20112.1.1Added SV + Hold for pitchers.
Feb 20, 20112.1.1Setup raw data download in CSV and TAB formats.
Feb 21, 20112.1.1Updated positional filter to include all positions, not just ones used in position options.
Feb 21, 20112.1.1Added linking from tier rankings to articles for C, RP
Feb 23, 20112.2Setup the option for custom player pool using specific subset of MLB teams.
Feb 23, 20112.2Added linking from tier rankings to articles for LF, CF
Feb 23, 20112.2Added times on base (H+BB+HBP) to offensive categories.
Mar 7, 20112.2Added output for injury projections at 1+ G, 15+ G, 30+ G missed as stoplights (red, yellow, green).
Mar 7, 20112.2Added K - BB as a pitcher category.
Mar 7, 20112.2Added SF, SH, GIDP, OUTS as hitter categories.
Mar 7, 20112.2Added last update blurb in header.
Mar 26, 20112.2.1Added SS/SIM to PFM data and output options.
Mar 29, 20112.2.1Added UPSIDE to PFM data and output options.
Feb 15, 20122.2.2Updated PFM to use 2012 PECOTA projections.
Feb 15, 20122.2.2Removed UPSIDE from PFM data and output options.
May 15, 20122.2.3Updated PFM to use 2012 rest-of-season projections.
Jan 30, 20132.2.3Released Year-to-date (and past season) PFM
Jan 30, 20142.2.4Updated PFM to use 2014 PECOTA projections.
Jan 9, 20152.2.5Updated PFM to use 2015 PECOTA projections.

If you have questions or concerns about using the PFM, please first refer to the help documents available, and if those do not answer your questions, please email Customer Service and we will be happy to assist you. Thanks for using the PFM!

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