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Steven Rubio author archives.


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April 24, 2000

Prospectus Q&A: Mark Wolfson: The A's Television Producer

by Steven Rubio

April 14, 2000

The Daily Prospectus: Pacific Bell Park

by Steven Rubio

April 10, 2000

Prospectus Q&A: Ray Ratto: Some Words With San Francisco's Finest

by Steven Rubio

March 28, 2000

The Daily Prospectus: Manager Tendencies

by Steven Rubio

September 10, 1999

NL West Notebook: Slithering Along

by Steven Rubio

June 10, 1999

The Method to Dusty’s Madness?: Once again, the Giants are in a race

by Steven Rubio

March 9, 1999

Orlando Cepeda and the Hall of Fame: A closer look at Cepeda's credentials

by Steven Rubio

September 23, 1998

Home Run Race: Taking the wider view

by Steven Rubio

August 28, 1998

BP Polling: Steven Rubio's Ballot:

by Steven Rubio

July 24, 1998

Evaluating Managers: Another Trip Down a Dusty Road

by Steven Rubio

June 10, 1998

BP Polling: Steven Rubio's Ballot:

by Steven Rubio

June 5, 1998

Team Talk: San Francisco Giants

by Steven Rubio

May 6, 1998

At The Ballpark: Shannon Stewart, Willie McGee, and machismo at the plate

by Steven Rubio

April 27, 1998

Interview with Henry Schulman: BP interviews the SF Chronicle Giants beat writer

by Steven Rubio

March 25, 1998

Breakouts and Flameouts in 1998: Our picks to bust out--or crash and burn

by Steven Rubio, Dave Pease, Rany Jazayerli and Christina Kahrl

February 25, 1998

Abstract Progress: Rebuttal and Reply: Reader response on Bill James' influence

by James Kushner and Steven Rubio

February 18, 1998

Prospect Report: AL East: Possible breakouts and names to watch in 1998

by Steven Rubio

January 20, 1998

Abstract Progress: Don't overestimate Bill James' effects on baseball

by Steven Rubio

December 1, 1997

The Legend of Jim Barr: and how he relates to Brian Anderson

by Steven Rubio

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