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(Average Team 2009 ESPN: 360.7019)

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Team Name2009 ESPN
470.zzzmanwitzHells Bells351
60.zubes007The Difference Between Jelly and Jam512
555.zookman12The Intangiclutch323
110.zmunimakerShip It482
729.zgeemsDip Dobson All Stars225
281.Zebs335In Honor of Cody Ransom413
653.yensersThe Diamond Operators285
411.yanks2009Way Way Down But Not Out370
2.yankeetripperTripped Up Hacks622
81.xnumberonesonWe Still Make More Money Than You500
599.Wyrm22Brookland Dodgers307
620.wtmartinSuckus Maximus297
527.wrgipperPonson's Waistline331
281.woof755Tactical Misallocation413
817.wollkind2Underwater Stupidtanks-4
203.wollkindRealistic Physicists442
151.wmenzerBeltran Light Cycles465
202.wmcpetersFear the Koro443
673.WilsonWide Right Norwoods268
754.willco97Ghosts of Herm Winningham203
800.WilbonBruegel the Elder113
225.wickjdNa-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Non Batmen436
614.WickDeerWick's Woeful Wonders300
647.whichthatFuzzy Lung287
580.wellsduwSitting on the Lunch Line314
441.weinkauf3rd Base Prospectors361
232.wcp1961Philippi Fishers431

31 - 60 >> 

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