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Prospectus Staff

(Average Team 2018 ESPN: 181.7200)

Overall Owner Team Name 2018 ESPN
23.Wilson KaramanSubcutaneous Microphones306
33.Scooter HotzThe Steve Jeltz All Stars286
44.Darius AustinLuis Cruzers269
44.Rob MainsRay Oyler 1968 Tigers269
47.Matt SussmanIn The Neifi You Can Bat .270268
65.Kazuto YamazakiFernando's Abad Team255
67.Nick StelliniMacking Hass254
79.Javier BarraganIsle of Hot Dog Sandwiches237
88.Ben CarsleyMacking Hass216
94.KwcarterNed Yost's Favorites.212
102.Anthony RescanEsteban Yan of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays204
110.Craig GoldsteinCrake198
119.Matt CollinsThe Way Back Wasdins193
137.Mike GianellaA Cespedes for the Rest of Us167
155.Tim CollinsPuns are Fun145
156.Mark BarryChris Sabo's Rec Specs144
171.Scott DelpMajor Leaguers? Sad.116
177.Gregory J. Matthewsstatsinthewild106
186.Rob McQuownNot so Free Agents77
193.Bret SayreThe Test Balloons57
200.R.J. AndersonThe 2018 Miami Marlins18

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