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Prospectus Staff

(Average Team 2019 ESPN: 186.5840)

Overall Owner Team Name 2019 ESPN
25.KendallWorst Shape of His Life288
36.Keith RaderThe GG Ellens254
37.Darius AustinThis is Birdland253
45.Jarrett SeidlerWho Doesn't Walk With Mike Elias230
52.Craig GoldsteinLast Minute Lineup215
64.k3o3r9n0Jim Bowden's All Star Squad169
67.marctacomaSorry to Bother Yu165
71.woerneeaE for Effort156
74.Kazuto YamazakiInterdimensional Hole of Pancakes 153
78.Jeffrey PaternostroLiterally the Orioles142
79.Martin AlonsoScherz's not that into you141
81.Kate MorrisonKate Morrison137
83.Nathan GrahamGlenn Hubbard's snake132
102.Bryan GrosnickBaltiless84
103.Mark BarryAngel Hernandezes With Filthy Souls75
104.Anthony RescanYolmer's Friends69
107.Rob McQuownThey Might Be Giants Outfielders63
108.Matt SussmanMavis Beacon Teaches Tanking62
109.Rob MainsRay Oyler 1968 Tigers46
113.Harry PavlidisPlease Collapse29
115.scullenAce of Bases20
121.MattWinksAmaro Would Have Signed-3

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