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Team owner: Rob Mains
Rank: 115 (of 125)

Position Player Popularity 2018 ESPN 2019 ESPN
CatcherJesus Sucre124514
First BaseChris Davis1049853
Second BaseYolmer Sanchez203342
Third BaseHunter Dozier2821-87
ShortstopNick Ahmed415-16
Left FieldChristin Stewart3-52
Center FieldLewis Brinson226155
Right FieldJason Heyward3-2-31
Pitcher 1Lucas Giolito7115-43
Pitcher 2Andrew Cashner575917


(Average Team 2019 ESPN: 185.4480)

Owner Team Name 2019 ESPN Past Month Past Week Yesterday
1.pdxpadrejardinero448 6211-2
2.eyhungDesignated Whiffers435 20-15-2
3.DonnymoSwiss Cheese430 6111-2
4.ajkennellySeal Boys428 11-7-5
5.rwittmann6Life of Pablo Reyes409 6102
6.mindreadRotohelp.com407 63-1-6
7.Mean Dean1899 Carney Spiders400 88184
8.jonraypyleNever Change Baltimore398 19-20
9.BillWWAll the Best Players396 6411-3
10.smiffRented Mules395 4311
118.tigersjawThe Ozzie Guillen Lexicons0 000
122.61gabester*Sad Trombone Noises*-26 -12-315
123.Pjw138Rochester Hot Mess-28 -31-73
124.Nick SchaeferGiolito: Battle Angel-103 -1265
125.karysinghTuffyRhodes-106 -27144


(Average Player 2019 ESPN: -2.8447)

Name Position Popularity 2018 ESPN 2019 ESPN
1.Antonio SenzatelaP07103
2.Jordan ZimmermannP51797
3.Peter LambertP093
4.Kyle FreelandP0-8791
5.Glenn SparkmanP0486
6.Drew SmylyP082
7.Jose SuarezP081
7.David HessP12581
9.Rick PorcelloP3980
10.Aaron SanchezP02677
1146.Alex Bregman3B0-141-180
1147.Anthony Rendon3B0-108-183
1148.Cody BellingerRF0-55-194
1149.Mike TroutCF0-220-214
1150.Christian YelichRF0-178-216

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